Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Daisy's 8 Year Gallery

The 8 year gallery is a special one. This photo shoot is always done early (although you can't always tell by when it appears on the blog). There is a special shopping trip that is done before to make sure we have just the right dress for the occasion. Each little girl I have taken out is getting ready to make sacred covenants when she is baptized soon after. It is great to be eight. Look at these previous fun photo shoots: June, Robyn, and Ivory. Each dress and girl is unique in her own wonderful way. And so we come to Daisy. It was her turn.

Daisy knew just what she wanted at each turn. She picked the dress promptly, and chose a fun necklace to go with it. She knew she wanted pictures at the City Center Temple. The only tricky thing with her was the glasses. Her glasses had been damaged earlier and they didn't sit on her face correctly. It was close, but they were a tad crooked. Also, glasses bring glare. I'm fine taking pictures with glasses...I've been doing it for ages, but when you combine the two problems it gets ridiculous.

I would put Daisy in a pose. Then I would adjust her glasses so they weren't crooked. Next, I would step back to take a shot. I would tell her to tilt her head a certain way to minimize glare and then her glasses would slip back into their skewed stance. It was looking to be a very long photo shoot. So I took her glasses off. Photo shoots are supposed to be fun. All the tedious adjustments would have been...well...tedious. Instead, we had a great time. Daisy looks beautiful with or without her extra eyes.

Enjoy her lovely white dress gallery.

I grabbed a photo of the two of us as we left, but I obviously missed the temple in the background. Most likely, we had moved to the parking lot. You can't tell from the pictures, but it was crazy crowded the day we went there. I saw at least three brides walking around taking pictures.

We went out for a treat, as per tradition, although I was nervous since she was still in her dress. Here she is being walrus girl as we wait for our ice cream.

Yum. Lovely treat, lovely girl, lovely day!


Scott and Svetlana said...

She is a beauty! Can't believe she is 8 years old! Gorgeous pictures!

Oh, we love Culver's, too bad they don't have one in NC.

meganmushrat said...

thank you for documenting a special time in Daisy's life and then sharing it with the rest of us.