Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Robyn's 8 Year Gallery

I hope no one has noticed that I haven't done Pearl's two-year pictures yet. You haven't?? Oh good. Robyn's kinda took priority because of the announcement and all, and then I just haven't found the time. But, I do have a lovely gallery for you to see today. Even if they don't involve Pearl or someone who is two.

Instead, we have Robyn. I had so much fun at this photo shoot. We skipped school (because the weekends weren't working) and we spent the morning walking around Temple Square. It was a beautiful day, if a bit brisk. Robyn was perfect and many people commented on her. My favorite comment was the man who drove by on a golf cart and said, "Youngest bride I've seen here." :)

We stopped for a treat at a bakery on the way home. The only downfall of the morning was that I made Robyn wear her new shoes without socks. (I thought it looked better.) However, they were not broken in and Robyn had bloody heels by the time we got back. She even made me take a picture to show Dad when he got home, so he would know I was in trouble. I felt bad, but the pictures do look better without socks.


I always have my favorites, but I would love to hear which one you liked most.


Emma Jo said...

What a fun shoot! I love the one of her walking towards the fountain and the criss crossed legs standing up. So beautiful!

CarrieLu and Madi too said...

Wow, it's tough to choose a favorite! They are all soooo beutiful! What a sweet girl!!

¡Vieve! said...

These are so adorable! This really makes me want to have you take some photos for me...are you expensive to rent out for an afternoon?

meganmushrat said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful daughter (beautiful granddaughter!). Great pictures, but I think my favorites were the first and the third. The first makes her look like she has angel wings, but the third seems to me to be the essence of Robyn (if that makes any sense). What a wonderful family you have.

Sharona said...

Can I chose all of them? They are so precious that I was crying looking at them. She's gorgeous and you did an amazing job capturing the essence of the age.

Sharona said...

And I'll add first and last are favs but the criss cross is just adorable but without the same significance as entering the House of the Lord.