Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bloggity Blog

Summer is right around the corner. Like, three and a half days of school away. I have been planning my little heart out. Have you seen those calendars on Pinterest where they have something planned for each day? Well, I was planning that before I even saw those things. I am going to be ultra scheduled. Which probably means it will last for a week and then I will be exhausted and I will throw fruit snacks into the yard and lock the door behind the kids. Well, that is a little dramatic. I will probably let them in to go potty once in a while.
I do feel like I have been a lame summer mom for so many years. I would really like to make it up to them. And only planning one activity a day is doable. I don't have fancy names for them, but here is how it will run down. (Hopefully)

Monday: Deep cleaning Day: I have extra troops on board, so we better get something useful done each week.
Tuesday: Treat Day: We will be making a new treat we haven't tried. (Read: I am going to figure out if any of the things I've pinned are worth it.)
Wednesday: Field Trip Day: We are going to explore and see if I can handle Pearl in crowds. I will definitely be getting out the harness again.
Thursday: Movie Day: Gotta love cheap movies in a air-conditioned theater. Sadly, I will probably drop the kids off and take Pearl grocery shopping to save on time. At least someone will enjoy that hour and a half. (Not me.)
Friday: Craft Day: This will be the hardest for me. I hate making a mess. But the kids really enjoy making a mess creating, so I will try my best to make it happen. We shall see...

So? What do you think? I can hear some of you laughing already. That is good. I need some teasing to make me stick to my guns.

Naturally, I plan to blog about all these little adventures (no, really, stop laughing) which is why I have been taking a blogging hiatus here. I haven't even touched the camera in days. I thought about dusting it off a few days ago, but Tyler borrowed it for work and that was enough excuse for me.

But behold, I got off my kiester today and took some pictures. It felt good.

Let's start with mini-me.

No, she may not look like me, but she is just as stubborn. We clash wills every day and I am pretty sure we are about even if you are keeping score. Well, I might be down a few points since I am often reduced to brute force or blatant bribery. There is a battle over most decisions. Who gets to open the car door. Where are we changing her. (Usually the closet).

Which shoes to wear. How the blankets are positioned. Which clothes to put on. Don't even think about putting that on her plate. The list goes on and on.

Many of you may have one of these yourself. Some call it exaggerated independence. Others might call it being 2. I know it is a phase. That is what I chant to myself daily to make it through sometimes.

Along with warmer weather, the dog likes to be outside more often.

But then she gets hot and wants to come in. But then she remembers how nice it is outside and she wants to go out. Do you see the pattern? The good news is that Pearl has figured out how to open the screen door and she dotes on Moxy, so she willingly lets her in and out. The bad news is that I am pretty sure I saw Moxy biting on Pearl's arm today. Not vicious biting, but certainly more of a gnaw than a lick. I can't entirely blame her since Pearl's affection can be overwhelming, but she should know that when it comes down to Pearl or the dog, the offspring always wins. Sorry dog. It isn't a problem yet, but I am certainly going to keep my eye on those two.

Usually I have the three main monkeys running around. They keep each other busy.

I think I am looking forward to all five taking up permanent residence again. At least most days I am optimistic about it. (Hence the overzealous summer schedule.) The older two are genuinely helpful (most days) so I think it will be good. Well, they are all sweet. Check out Daisy pushing the P.

And then Ivory pretending to be knocked over by her feet.

I play that game all the time. The littles get such a kick out of thinking they are getting you. So, I if my child ever kicks your child while swinging and then smiles about it, it is totally my fault.

Oh, and while you are all thinking what a great mom I am, hows about I brag it up for a minute?? They do testing at school on the computer and for the first time this year, they awarded a certificate to the children who got the highest score in math and reading for each grade. Behold, Miss Ives got the highest score for reading in Kindergarten.

(Yes, I blocked out her name even though it is other places on the just seemed like the right thing to do. As well as blocking out the school. That is probably more important.)

I always knew Ivory was a good reader. She reads everything. She loves it. I find her with a book all the time. But it was great that she got some recognition for her fabulosity in reading. (Yep, made up word. She gets her reading skilz from her Mom, obviously.)

Not much else to report. Here is a couple more pictures of Daisy. I like the light in this one (and the fact that her hair is done—doesn't happen much.)

And she is just cute here.

Please to notice that the older two were not featured. That's just how it goes when you get home later and mom has put down the camera. Don't worry, remember...lot's of pictures and posts this summer. We have the system DOWN.

(I can still hear you chuckling.)


Jenaca and Stephen said...

That summer schedule sounds like tons of fun. If anyone can keep that up it would be you.
P.S- I love Daisy's hair!!

Emma Jo said...

I'm not laughing! Schedules are good, schedules are great! Even if you don't end up sticking to those every single day, it helps avoid the tiring question of, What are we going to do today?!

¡Vieve! said...

That sounds so ambitious, I hope you guys do it all! I never had anything like this in my summers - your girls will super appreciate it.