Saturday, May 19, 2012

Patriotic 2nd Graders

At Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx* they do a Christmas Program with the first graders every year. Remember the doll, and the reindeer? Well, the second graders do a Patriotic program. It is really cool. I may not have documented it very well last year when June was in it. But this year when Robyn was singing, I did a much better job.

See, here she is singing.

There sure were a lot of kids.

After, she got together with one her best friends and we snapped a couple shots. These two are super cute together.

Pearl was wandering around, so we put her in the spotlight for a moment.

I really enjoy these programs. I know the teachers must spend endless hours getting these kids to memorize songs, but in the end, there is usually a room full of proud parents, and some satisfied kids.

Stay tuned for a few more performances this year. Ivory has some kind of K graduation and June has a dance festival? She has been pretty vague on the details. I have gathered that both these performances may happen at the same time. Too bad my cloning machine hasn't come in the mail yet.

* I have been reading too much The Name of This Book is Secret. Fun story though.


¡Vieve! said...

How fun! I love going to these kinds of programs, you can tell the kids (and teachers) put so much work into it.

Sharona said...

Too fun! I learned that in Hawaii May Day is Lei Day and boy, every single school child celebrates it and there were performances EVERY where. Including malls and movie theaters. Go performing girls!