Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Christmas Program

At June's school, the first grade did a Christmas program. I think that only the first grade does a program, and this is certainly the first large production we have watched June in. They started practicing before Halloween, which was a good thing because they learned quite a few songs. I was very impressed by the whole event.

The first number they divided the kids up and had them be different things, i.e. santas, elves, trees, reindeer, etc. June fell into the group of dolls. I hear this was the coveted spot for the girls, and she came home ecstatic that she would get to wear makeup. She insisted I take a close-up, but I must have caught her the moment before she blinked.

The stoned look is my fault, but please do not blame the makeup on this mother. That blush looks practically brown and is applied oddly, but she thought she looked radiant. Also, she was chosen to ring bells at some point along the way and she was happy about that too.

I love that I dressed her in green, because she was really easy to pick out among all the red.

Afterwards all the girls wanted to go up on the stage for just a moment.

I love how well they play together and love each other. Sisters sure are special.


meganmushrat said...

How much fun to have started on the go-watch-your-kids-in-their-various-activities road. How well I remember watching you in your volleyball games, or playing your clarinet. Sisters ARE special - I wish I had had one. I'm glad your girls get along so well. I love them all.

Svetlana and Scott said...

SO cute! She is a super doll! And a picture of sisters is awesome! Love it!

Nelle said...

What a doll! I'm pretty sure they do the same first grade program every year and I'm pretty sure I would know nothing about the doll being a coveted part.