Monday, January 25, 2010

"It Just Came Out"

That is what June said as she brought her bloodied tooth in this evening. She said it in such a way that you would imagine that the tooth practically fell in her lap while she was busy doing homework or practicing spelling.

However, you can see as well as I that she had worked that silly tooth over until she ripped it from its home in her mouth.

The facts are that her tooth was VERY loose. But, the part that was still connected was probably not quite ready to let go. June had other plans. She must really be hard up for money.

I had no idea she was going to be one of THOSE children.

She looks so funny before her teeth come out too. Her teeth start to go all snaggled-toothed. (That is the best way to describe it). They start to stick out of her mouth at funny angles until they finally fall out. (Or are extracted with great determination). Last week she lost this beauty on the bottom row. She pulled that one herself too, but with much less blood.

Her other front tooth is loose as well. As I put her to bed after the whole bloody ordeal tonight, she started to wiggle it back and forth. I may have to duct tape her hands together at night.


meganmushrat said...

You should tell her the story about what I did when I was 10 years old. The time I got mad at Grandma and pulled four of my teeth out - one of which had barely started to be loose. It was really painful, but it's like pulling off a scab. It feels good at the same time it hurts. At least she didn't bring the bloody tooth to you and say "I hope you're satisfied!" Gosh - in retrospect, I was a mean kid.

Emma Jo said...

How come kids can still be adorable when covered in such a gruesome, bloody mess? She could teach my oldest a thing or two about "graciously letting go" of teeth. I love it.

¡Vieve! said...

Wow-so happy, even with all that blood in her mouth! What a trooper!

K Cazier said...

Ouch!!! What a cutie! June is a sweet girl... what I wouldn't give for a child who pulled their own teeth. I think I have pulled nearly every tooth that has come out of all 3 of my boys heads!