Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I Loved About Today

That picture may not seem like much, but it means a LOT. It is the floor in my room, and what is so stunning is that you can SEE it. I try to keep things tidy in the house, but the kids are forever dragging stuff into MY room. Then I tend to focus on keeping the downstairs clean because I can function better in the kitchen and dining room without all the mess. So, my room is often neglected for large amounts of time.

And time is not kind, as we all know. Chaos ensues and suddenly I am tripping over My Little Ponies and Polly Pockets on my nightly trek to the bathroom. So today I recaptured my room. Not every little thing is in order but some of the more important things are done, such as getting rid of this 'hotspot'. (That is FlyLady lingo. I really liked her ideas, but could not get over the amount of spam she sent, so sadly I don't subscribe right now.)

This evil chair sucks clutter and clothing into it without any effort. I swear it is a secret black hole of the universe. It most often collects piles of socks because I hate (HATE, HATE) to fold and match socks. I don't actually expect the chair to stay clean for long. In fact I figured that by the time I wrote this, something would be in the chair, but as I glance over it is empty. (Granted, I did take a hula hoop out of it right before bed—seriously, the chair sucks everything.)

Next, there was an hour of quiet and relaxation today after all my hard work because I stuck this one up on her bed for 'quiet-time,' i.e. 'Daisy's nap'.

Ivory could still use a nap, but you have to slow her down long enough for her to realize it. Since she was up on her bed (top-bunk girl now), she decided a snooze was in order, and it made for a very pleasant reprieve.

Granted, life was immediately back in order when June returned from piano, both children woke up, homework needed to be done, Daisy was practicing her new weapon of crying until she throws up (NOT loving that one), and dinner needed to be fixed. I guess the moral is for every hour of quiet there are at least three of noise (or more, if you don't count the hours when they are all sleeping).

Now I just need to go clean off my bed so I have somewhere to sleep. Oh, I guess I didn't mention that I got the floor so clean by moving much of its contents to the bed. It's a little trick I do, because I have to use the bed eventually while I am pretty content to leave things on the floor. And as long as I don't move things back into the chair I will have succeeded in my goals for today.


Heather A said...

Good for you! I got some things done today that I wanted to do also. Too bad my bedroom is still a mess. Oh well, at least the basement is clean. Can't have everything.

K Cazier said...

So cute!!! When I was a child I used to ask my dad "Do you love me?" His reply was always "When you are asleep!" I have a whole new appreciation for that. I feel the same way about my kids some days :).... My bedroom seems to be the 'catch-all' for our house as well, I am always more worried about having the areas clean that people that come over actually see :).

Nick said...

We try to follow the "hot spot" idea too right after we put the kids to bed but sometimes we're just too tired for that. When it does work out I am always glad we did it though. I've threatened to vacuum up toys that don't get cleaned up especially those Poly Pockets. I want that vacuum cleaner from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We've also had to throw away some because they break. I've learned I need to put them in the outside garbage otherwise they magically reappear.

Deanne said...

I call that success! I wish you much luck with keeping your chair clear.

Jodi said...

So true about the quiet moments. I wish they could last the whole day sometimes. But, before I know it the house is rockin' and the place is a disaster again. Good job on cleaning off the chair!