Monday, February 24, 2014

Ivory's 8 Year Gallery

The only galleries I ever take early are the 8 year ones, simply because I have to make an invitation. (We all know my normal track record of being woefully behind.) Ivory is a winter birthday and taking her pictures early only put her more squarely in the cold, snowy season. So, we embraced it and I told her we were going to take pictures in the snow. In fact, I was worried we would not have enough snow. Mid January, we had a nice snow fall in the evening and I took Ivory out of school the next day to snap some pictures. She was such a trooper. We would take pictures and then run back to the car to warm up. By the end of the session, she was a little popsicle, and was officially 'done'. I tried to take one more, but all I got was a frozen pout. I left that picture in there at the end just to remember how brave she had been. She is beautiful. I love her buckets. Also, take a look at the flower in her hair. I grabbed it as we ran out the door because it was white, but apparently it changes color in the sun. Ha ha. But I like the vivid color it turned out to be. Enjoy.

This last one was taken the next day when it was started snowing again. But it was really too blustery to take pictures. Still, I liked the picture with a few flakes in the air.

Ivory, we are so lucky to have you in our family. You are smart, imaginative, and fun. You fit in perfectly.

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