Monday, February 3, 2014

There's No Man

Today is sunny and more snow is melting. But since it is still February AND Utah, I'm not ruling out another winter storm here or there. There has been a good amount of snow this winter. Nothing over the top, and certainly not like that weird winter where it snowed once and melted the next day. (Really bizarre, that one.)

I, as per usual, have avoided the outdoors as much as possible. And the kids are old enough that I can send them out to play without having to gear up myself. Plus, this is probably a good thing, because June has outgrown all the snow-pants around here and has borrowed mine a few times.

The girls finally went out to build a snowman. I think they are fairly standard as Cazier snowmen go. (I would like to point out that this only applies to Utah Cazier's. I can almost guarantee that my nephews could build an awesome snowman in Idaho. Really, we should have them show us the ropes some year.)

First I give you Ivory and Daisy's snowman.

Robyn and Pearl built theirs a little higher, but I think the name wasn't as creative.

Speaking of famous snowmen, I guess the girls went and built a snow(wo)man, named Lucy, in the neighbor's yard, which I never saw. But I did see this note that was left on our door the next day. Not a bad likeness.

Maybe next year is the year that I build a great snowman. I can feel it in me. The problem is, I would just rather sit down and read a good book.


meganmushrat said...

Not a bad artist, that. Making snowmen was not one of my childhood pursuits as it doesn't snow in Southern California. I do remember making snowmen in England when I was 12 - although it depended on the snow. Sometimes the snow would roll up in huge balls with practically no effort, and other times you just couldn't get the snow to stick to itself. No wonder the Eskimos have over 50 words to describe snow!

Nick said...

I like the name chosen for the first snowman :).

Nick said...
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¡Vieve! said...

How fun! I have never built a snowman, and of course after Frozen, I kept thinking about it.