Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It is Amazing What Happens in 8 Years

I was looking through old pictures around the time Ivory was born. It made me sad that I didn't have a blog back then. It doesn't seem fair to the older girls that we missed their younger years. I may have to start doing a Flashback Friday or something of the sort and get some of those photos on the blog.

Like, check out this fabulous picture never before posted anywhere. (Possibly because of the extreme flattering angle.)

That would be the day before Ivory would make her big appearance. She didn't look the same as the other two. But they loved her despite her grumpy face.

Just kidding. She was a happy baby. Tyler and I were just teenagers back then. (When did we get so old?)

Fast forward 8ish years and suddenly, Ivory is getting big. (Well, older I guess, because she still isn't that big.) She asked for breakfast in bed, and I told her jokingly that I wouldn't do it. So she got up early and came downstairs. Oops. I still made breakfast. (Nutella French Toast - her favorite.) How old are ya Ives?

Ivory really wanted to open her presents but the rule is that all family members need to be in attendance. Although Daisy and Pearl usually sleep in a bit, they somehow awakened early that day, possibly with the help of a few siblings. Ivory dove right in. She got some art supplies which she liked. This sticker book was a big hit. (She had finished the whole book by the next day.)

She liked her mirror from Robyn. (Or maybe she likes herself IN the mirror. Takes after her Dad that way.)

Mom and Dad got her Ever After High dolls. I thought at first that it was a knock-off of Monster High dolls. (After all, Monster High girls are daughters of Monsters and Ever After High girls are daughters of Fairy Tale characters. Not too much of a jump.) But the book we found was written by Shannon Hale, and I like a lot of her stuff. To sum up: The dolls are similar, the EAH movie/show was pretty lame, but the book is fantastic. Ivory and I are only half way through, but it is really fun. I would highly recommend it for girls around 9-11. (And...ahem...mothers who are young at heart.)

While Ivory was at school, I made her a cake. Well, not a cake. She requested brownies, so I made them and put them in a tower. Previously, she had wanted an elephant cake. Combining all those ideas, this is what I came up with. Ta-da.

I went to pick her up from school and bring her balloons. Luckily(?) Tyler was home sick so he came with me as my photographer. Ivory was pretty excited.

I'm most impressed because Tyler was on the phone the whole time and I had no idea that he actually took pictures. Props, Stallion.

And because he was home, we didn't have to wait for cake. We dug right in when the kids got home. Ivory really got into the birthday song.

And then she blew all her candles out in one breath.

We haven't gone anywhere fun for her birthday yet due to Mr. Sluggo and his illness, but I'll be sure to post pictures when we finally do something.

Happy Birthday Ivy Spivy. You are the best!