Monday, June 12, 2017

Monkey Highlights Two

Second week of summer behind us. This summer has so much fun in it that I am already excited about my goal to not fall off the wagon. I'm going to keep up and I'll try to fit three other posts in between summer shenanigans. (Good luck Maleen.)

This post is special because it is a double whammy. Let's start with our cousin exchange program. If you are a follower, you may know our Kelly clan in CA. We love them. Search from Tim, Jeannie, Erin, or Ethan and you should find plenty to browse on here. We had such a good time visiting them last summer that we offered to take Ethan for a week this summer. In return, they said we should send June. We finally agreed on them taking 2 kids since we have more children to offer and it was settled that June and Ivory would go.

However, we couldn't find two consecutive weeks for the kids to visit, so we split the time. Our kids went this last week and Ethan will come visit in July. It works. So first thing Monday morning, we put two kids on a plane. I love that they allow parents to go to the gate with kids traveling alone.

I'm sure going to miss these two. Airport selfie.

Naturally our paths diverge here, so let's follow the CA crew. Jeannie and Erin were there to pick them up at the gate. I guess they stopped for some lunch first thing.

I am so grateful for the pictures they took. The kids looked like they had a fantastic week, including pottery painting, singing, mini golf, bumper boats, kayaking (not pictured), game playing, Nazcart racing, and hanging out with family. So much fun. Here's a peek.

The kids earned nicknames during their time there. Ivory was 'Five Chips' because she thought she had a chance with her 5 chips when June was crushing her in Fan Tan. June became 'Crash Test Dummy' after an unfortunate run-in with an attendant on the race course. (She ran off the course and hit the guy. Oops.) Tim was 'Gasser' a name left over on his Naz Cart card, although he claims he would never have chosen it. And Jeannie was 'The Sloth' because she plays cards so slowly.

They had such a great time. Suddenly, the weekend arrived and they were back in the airport ready to come home. One more treat though.

We were waiting on the other side. We sure missed these smiley faces.

Our week here in UT wasn't quite as exciting, but we still had fun. We hit the park with friends on Monday. (Pearl kills it on the Monkey bars. Putting her natural monkey skills to good use.)

Zuzu brought us a pie, probably for June, but since she wasn't around, we were forced to eat it. (Mango and pomegranate. It was amazing!!)

Always time for a little reading. Or a lot of reading. Take your pick.

Tyler was busy all week at Directions. But that means I got to see one of my favorite people. This is Virginia's last directions. But I'm not even sad, because we are going to go see her in Texas later this summer. (I'm sure I'll be sad next summer though.)

That same evening, I stopped in at Caitlynn and Kody's reception. Caitlynn is Tricia's sister. Tricia is like family to me, so I love all her lovely sisters. It was great to see them all. And we had to take some amazing pictures of the two of us.

Friday I took the leftover kids swimming since we weren't in CA. Curtis came along too.

We had a great time although Robyn and I both got a sunburn. Darn it. Sunscreen just doesn't cut it for me anymore. I lathered up like a pig wallowing in mud and still got a pink souvenir from the trip. and I need to be friends.

Saturday morning had an early temple trip for Robyn. I woke her up around five and saw her out the door, then back to bed for me. Not surprising that when I finally woke up again, I found her like this. (She was tuckered out once she got back. The dog sleeps near her for support.)

Then off to the airport to pick up those missing hoodlums. We were so excited to get them back!!

I had mostly ignored Summerfest this week because we were missing kids and I didn't want to spend money, but we celebrated the last day by going to a parking garage and watching the fireworks from up there. It was super fun. We brought scooters and everyone took a turn riding down the garage and then taking the elevator back up. 

We brought snacks and games. And some bottles to saber. I told Tyler to only purchase Martinelli's and now we know why. Watch Maycee try to work her way into a Welch's brand bottle and then Curtis try on a Martinelli's. (World of difference for these first time saberers.)

It was a great end to a great week. Life is good.

p.s. Worth mentioning is that a swarm of bees moved into our birdhouse in back. I noticed it one evening and couldn't believe how many bees were flying in and out. Luckily, they were honey bees and Tricia informed me that people will come get them for free. Well, we have a friend who has bees and he was more than happy to collect our birdhouse, extract the bees, and bring it back. It was super impressive. We filled two boxes of bees for him, almost a $200 value. I think it was a win for both of us.

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