Thursday, June 22, 2017

Murder in Fairytale Land

*Guest post written by Robyn Cazier

My birthday was recently. I turned 13. It's so great now, because I can finally watch movies.

Anyway, my party was a while ago, but my mom's slow in blogging because of our everyday busy lifestyle, so I am going to write about my amazing birthday party. That happened several months ago.

When I was still 12, I wanted my party to be cool. I didn't want something boring, or not really partyish.
My parents had just recently gone to Idaho to have a Murder Mystery with my relatives, but sadly, us kids, weren't invited. We still got to play games with Grandma, (We actually ended up making a million treats and watching a good movie.... but still.) but it wasn't as cool as a Murder Mystery. You can see their Murder Mystery here.

I really wanted in on their Murder Mystery, but there wasn't any kids, like I said, so I asked mom if I could have my own Murder Mystery... for my birthday.

My birthday, of course, was still a little ways away. They had their Murder Mystery in February, and my birthday wouldn't come until a few months after that. But I really talked it up at school. All my friends wanted to come. So check, on that ultimate list of awesomeness.

I handed out my invitations, but some of the people I really wanted to come, couldn't come. My best friend couldn't come, which was sad. And one of my percussion friends couldn't come either. But I made the best of my invitations.

Most everyone who RSVP-ed came. One girl didn't come because her grandfather had a stroke.

I even painted the window to go with my party

It was really excited when someone would come, because everyone was supposed to be in costume.
I was Queen Black, because her character was hosting the party, and I thought that would fit since I hosted the party.

As guests arrived, they were welcomed to the Enchanted Realm:

Everyone was looking pretty good

* You may notice that the names are similar to Disney characters. Don't worry, everything in the Murder Mystery was changed just a bit to protect copyright.

Since it was my birthday, I got to choose what we ate for dinner. I'm kind of a chip and salsa person, without the salsa. So we had a chippy dippy thingamajig. It's called 'Beef taco skillet' and man, it was good! From what I could tell, most everyone like it too. That started round one.

Then we took a group photo.

Then my mom had to open her mouth and say: 'Point at who you like the least!'

On my birthday too!

But the theme of the Murder Mystery was a fairy tale sort of thing, and I wasn't being very nice. Most of the people there had some pretty good reasons not to like me, but that is no excuse for saying they liked me the least, ON MY BIRTHDAY.

Anyway, then we got into the game. It was really fun. These pictures are from the rest of round one,  and the beginning of round two.

 Everyone had little papers to tell them what to do and say. And most everyone stayed pretty in character.

Then all of a sudden-the lights went out! (Not really, but in the game they did. We did turn out the lights, but it wasn't very dark.) There was a loud noise and the lights came back on, and I had died! And there was a bloody lantern, and my forehead was bashed.

Everyone tried to figure out who had done it. Not because they didn't like that I died, they did, but that was the point of the game.

There was a lot of stuff that happened, and the third round started. After everyone had conversed, all the clues pointed at one person.

MAGNIFICENT!! She had some good reasons for killing me, which was sad. But I still like her, she is still my friend, even though she did kill me.

All in all, it was a really fun game, and one of the best birthday parties I've every had.

Of course, since it was my birthday, I got presents.

The Bat cave nightgown meant a lot, because, Batman, one of the people at the party, gave it to me. It was just so fitting.

Then the Stafford's gave me a little note.
It said, 'We didn't know what you wanted, so we got you 10 dollars.'

It was a great night. And one of the funniest things was that Christina's horns, which were homemade, were a huge hit. Everyone wanted to try them on.

Happy Birthday to me!

* One funny moment. We were playing Mafia later. Christina thought it would be a cool idea to take pictures while her eyes were closed so maybe she could look back and catch the Mafia people with their eyes open. She took a ton of pictures, but when she looked at them, she realized she had been in selfie mode and they were all of HER! Haha. Sadly, she deleted them before we could see them.

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meganmushrat said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday party. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see it. Wait a minute - flies have compound eyes so I probably wouldn't have been able to see it very well after all. Drat.