Thursday, June 8, 2017

Robyn's 13 Year Gallery

Phew. Got this on here before Daisy's birthday. I will call that a success. I actually took these a while ago, before Pearl's pictures even. (Life gets busy, what can I say?) I was saving them for a special day. Today!

See, I'm having one of those forgetful days. I was supposed to pick up Robyn from swim practice. Well...Tricia dropped off her girls, and then there is this hive of bees in the backyard and I'm trying to find someone to take them. (They are honey bees we think, so no killing them.) With all the added distraction, I totally forgot to pick up Robyn. Forty-five minutes later, I jumped in the car, but she was already almost home since she walked. Ug.

Then I sat down to type this and forgot I was boiling eggs on the stove. Sometimes I think I should not be allowed to turn on the stove. Sheesh, just one of those days. So, it makes it a perfect day to share a photo gallery. They make me happy. Just remind me to go get the eggs in ten minutes, okay?

Robyn is thirteen. She is a bit sassy, but oh so beautiful and smart. She is musically gifted and I love listening to her play the piano or her new Marimba. (Hmm, I should get a picture of that.) She is good at art and funny. She can be a bit bossy and a total pain to her sisters, but I think that is normal. Most of the time, I love being around her. Those other times...well, I will just lock her in her room with Moxy until therapy dog does the trick.

We decided to get some pictures out by the amphitheater in PG. It is close to Robyn's percussion lessons, so we went bright and early. It was a great trip. Check out this lovely.

Haha. I love the mismatch socks.

After, we grabbed a treat. Donuts seemed like a great idea in the morning. This picture makes me laugh so much. Robyn said she looks like the Inconvenient Stenographer. (I hadn't even seen that sketch. Check it out.)

It was a wonderful morning and then we headed over for lessons. Selfie in the car. 

Love you Robyn. You are growing into a wonderful young lady. I'm glad you are mine. (Even if I forget to pick you up sometimes.)

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