Monday, June 19, 2017

Monkey Highlights Three may have noticed the lack of posts this week. Please forgive me. This was changing rooms week...the official longest, hardest, most exhausting week of summer. So there was no spare time for blogging for me.

However, despite the crazy moving, we did manage to play quite a bit. Let's start with all the playing.

Sunday had Radi over getting his scout shirt in order. All the boys were headed to Timberline. This meant Tyler was off the hook for attending since no leaders are invited, but he still did plenty of behind the scenes work. And his wife helps when a sewing machine is required.

Tyler was up early on Monday getting kids off to camp. My early morning was the next day. I went hiking with the young women. It was a total blast. The weather was quite drippy. We skipped the summit hike we had planned because of possible snow and instead went up Rock Canyon. It rained all morning, but not in an uncomfortable way. More like a mist that slowly soaked you to the bone. (Okay, that sounds a little uncomfortable. It just took a while to really get soggy.) The scenery was lovely and I met some new girls and got to talk to everyone. Great morning.

The pile of rocks reminded Maycee of Moana. She took a small rock and put it on top and said, "Now, I am chief." On the way down, I told Emma this story and she quickly found a small rock to put on top. Who wants to be chief anyway? Not me.

I was not aware of how stiff and cold I was becoming on the hike. By the time we were halfway back (from a 6.5 mile hike round trip) my fingers were swollen and I couldn't grab my pinky with my thumb to hold three fingers in the air. I know this sounds silly, but when I tried to hold up three fingers, I couldn't do it. (I know you are trying it at home.) I massaged my hands on the rest of the trip and limbered up all frozen digits. But you better believe I took a long hot bath when I got home.

Robyn's swim meet was moved to Wed because of that yucky Tuesday weather. That meant I could come and cheer. I think Robyn is enjoying her swim experience so far. Eva is there during meets. (They practice at different times.)

Robyn did freestyle and backstroke. Because she is older, she has to do 100 meters, instead of 50 like everyone else. (That is down and back twice.) I was tired just watching. But she did a great job. She came in 3rd in freestyle and second in backstroke. (I'm not supposed to mention there were only 2 people swimming in backstroke.) But in swimming, I always encourage her to race herself. We'll see if she beats her times next meet.

Thursday was the DHI summer party. Last year the older girls missed it since they were at Girls Camp. This year, Ivory wanted to run again since she got money last time. June naturally wanted to run and Tyler and I opted to try it out as well. (Tyler, because physical therapist said it would be good for his ankle and me, because chiropractor said I need to exercise more since the hike almost killed me. Sorry I haven't blogged about Tyler's ankle. I promise to get to it next week.)

We did pretty well. Ivory took off like a shot, but she was a year older pushing her into an age bracket with more competition. Last year she won easily...this year she got third place. June stayed ahead of me, but was in the same age category as Ivory and didn't place. In this race, it isn't so much how fast you are, but how many people of the same age are competing. For instance, I got first in my age bracket, although when I came to the finish line, the 45 and up places were already filled. Tyler, who walked half of it, came in second in his age group. So all together, we got a first, second, and third. I gave June some of my prize money. After all, she crossed the finish line before me.

I was fairly exhausted by the time I took the kids to piano. Robyn took advantage of a sleeping mom to take some pictures. Stinker...but they are funny.

We were supposed to go swimming, but we were so busy, it just didn't happen. It is really too bad, but sometimes, you can't do it all. But we didn't miss the BBQ.

No marshmallows this year. Life savers instead. It was funny to watch the guys try to catch them. The second time they played, they allowed some younger contestants. Robyn and June were up there like a shot. Fun stuff.

Still not enough fun for one week. Granny V came down on Friday. We got her a ticket to Paint Nite for Christmas, but we have been a little slow in planning it. But all the ducks got in a row and we made it over there. It was a very fun evening. Check it out.

I think our owls in lemon trees turned out very well.

Don't forget that all week we were changing rooms. It is always harder when someone decides to paint. (Thanks June.) Tyler was so much help. He took a half day and helped the kids which was great because I was AWOL trying to make treats and attending a young women get together. (Not the hike, but a mini SYCL retreat.) Look at this wall for the last time. It is about to change.

And boy did it ever. It went from pink with little flowers, to green, green, green.

Let's see how these rooms changed. First up... what will now be called the 'green room,' I'm sure. Before and after.

Totally different feel, right? June worked really hard. She hasn't gotten everything on her walls yet, but her closet is super organized.

Next, Ivory left the secret closet room and vacated for Pearl.

The hot air balloon room is still a great room. Robyn left and Ivory came in. But since Ivory is a hoarder, it took forever to get all her stuff in order. Her room wasn't finished until today, so I woke her up to get a picture before blogging. (Sorry Ives. Your mom is strange, to be sure.)

*Ivory is not fond of the word hoarder, especially since I used it dozens of times, but if the shoe can keep it. Other than that, get rid of the sucker.

Atlantis had quite the makeover as Robyn moved back down there. She is the only one to have been in the basement twice. Of course, she gets the big room this time.

And finally Daisy. She got to move first in the week and was sequestered in her room days before everyone else. Lucky girl.

I can't tell you how happy I am to be done with room changing week. I still think it is one of the best ideas, but it is quite the process. It is all worth it though to watch June walk down the stairs and Robyn walk up, only to see them both stop halfway and turn around. It takes a little getting used to when your floor has changed.

Next week should be quieter. We'll see. Let's leave you with one more picture of those cute owls. I sure love Vicki's.

*June said she loved them because each owl looks like the person who painted it. I'm not sure that is a compliment or not? We named them Perky, Pepper, and Limone (pronounce Lee-moan.)

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meganmushrat said...

Why does Tyler's picture have four lemons, Vicki's five lemons and yours seven lemons? I thought you were following the same pattern. Interesting to see the differences in the same picture. Love the room changes - can hardly wait to see them in August. So Daisy is the one who is going to get kicked out this time (ha,ha,ha)