Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Teenagers Can Share

Tyler decided to have surgery on his ankle this year. We decided it would be best to do it after the cruise. The doctor only did surgeries on Thursday and it just so happened that the first available Thursday after the cruise also happened to be Robyn's birthday.

So she shared her big day with her dad, who did his best not to steal her thunder. And in honor of Robyn, the rest of this post is not about surgery boy. (I promise we'll get to him later.)

Robyn got up a year older and teenager looked good on her. She opened a gift from Grandma Dargan first thing. (Her only gift since she opted for a party.)

She did lunch with Dad the day before since he was going to be busy on the actual day, but I think they forgot to take pictures.

I was a little worried about being there after school with balloons. I actually left while Tyler was in surgery, bought balloons and left them at the school, so that either Granny V or I could pick up Robyn and balloons would already be present. As luck would have it, we were coming home at the perfect moment and both of us were there to see Robyn.

I had to laugh though. When I was picking out balloons, I was trying to get a rainbow assortment to go with Rainbow Dash. I had a green balloon that was okay, but on the way out, I saw another stand of balloons and one said, "You're the best!" That seemed like a better choice. It wasn't until after it was blown up did I realize they were all Mother's Day balloons, so it actually said, "You're the best...Mom!" Hahahaha. (I just don't want her to forget it.)

The evening was very relaxed. We had a couple bottles on hand so we let Robyn saber one. I tried to record it, but she was so darn fast, I didn't push the button in time. ( weirdo.)

Marinn was over and we let her saber a bottle as well.

I can't even remember what Robyn requested for dinner, but I thought it was funny that from where I was sitting, it looked like Pearl had a mustache.

Robyn hit the official teenage years. I think she is mostly excited to watch PG-13 movies, although there are plenty that she still can't watch. June is funny because although she hasn't seen that many, she is always making suggestions of what we should watch. (Really, in 19 months, I think we've only shown her Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Stardust, Pirates of the Carribean, and Back to the Future. We are slow movie watchers.)

Robyn enjoys the limelight. Everyone sing Happy Birthday!

And candles out.

Let's not forget the important step of measuring self worth height. Robyn has hit five feet. I hope she gets a little taller. Momma hope all her girls beat her in the height race.

It may not have been the most exciting day, but we sure love that Robyn is in our family. And there are pictures from her photo shoot and her party coming up.

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