Monday, June 5, 2017

Monkey Highlights One

I haven't had the time for blogging that I thought I would be swimming in, once summer arrived. Instead, I have monkeys who are under foot and more often than not I am playing a game or making a meal than sitting at my computer. (Why is the plural of monkey, monkeys instead of monkies?)

I have a LOT of back posts piled up, but I am stressing about summer slipping away and then being behind on it as well. Luckily, our summer is not the jam-packed schedule it usually is. Instead, we are taking it easy and throwing in events here and there. So I'm just going to do weekly highlights. And I will add them as the summer goes, despite how behind I am in my blog posts. So it won't all be chronological like my OCD would like, but it will save my sanity at the end of the summer. (Small concessions.)

So let's highlight this first week of summer.

The kids got out of school before Memorial Day weekend, which was nice. The first thing we did was take Ivory in for a haircut. It was supposed to be Pearl, but long story wasn't.

Ivory looks super cute with her new shortness, although she has always been short. (Good thing it looks good on her.)

Our Memorial Day was so chill. Tyler and I were supposed to see a movie, but our friends got sick so we stayed home and played with the kids. Mark came over for dinner and we BBQed some dogs and soaked in the stillness of no homework. Then the twins came down and we played untold numbers of games of Ninja Destruction. (It is the new favorite.)

The rest of the week included things like birthday lunches, swim team, piano lessons, a strange rash, orthodontist appointments, babysitting, percussion lessons, well check-ups, physical therapy, chiropractic, night games, and you guessed it...lots more Ninja Destruction. (Actually, maybe you didn't guess that.)

Finally the weekend arrived and we all jumped in the car to head to ID. Kaysen was getting his mission call and we wanted to be there when he opened it. I read to the kids in the car, which means I sat in the back for a bit. (Man, the back seat is uncomfortable. How do the kids sit back there all the time?)

Driving by some mountains we saw a bit of snow that had melted into the letters 'il'. Looks like this mountain is partly ill.

In Idaho, we kicked it with one of our favorite crews. Kolby, Kat, and the boys came over. They are always a good looking group.

So we played some (guess what?) Ninja Destruction with them. Even Granny V was getting in on the fun.

But the real fun was going to see Kaysen open his mission call. There was a globe with a hoard of guesses. Our family picked place from Alaska to Australia. Where do you think he's going??

Check it out to see if you guessed right...

Oddly enough, no one guessed Mexico on the globe. Kaysen will be an amazing missionary. He has a strong testimony of the gospel. In the end, it doesn't matter where he goes. He is called to serve, and that is exactly what he will do.

Here he is checking out his papers. There is a lot of info in there. He has a few months before he leaves. Maybe he will try to get a head start on his Spanish. His official mission is the Mexico, Torreon mission if you couldn't hear the video.

Kathryn is a proud mom. And she should be. She has great boys. We are proud of you too, Kaysen!!

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meganmushrat said...

Makes me wonder if Tim will EVER go on a mission. He is physically in such lousy shape right now that I don't think he could serve a mission right here in Tacoma. He keeps saying when Edy moves out... So proud of Kaysen!