Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What did you Eggspect?

We left for our cruise on Easter Sunday. That wasn't the best planning ever, but it worked okay. We told the kids that we were going to celebrate when we came back. Mostly because we were busy packing up until we left. So after returning on a Friday evening, I got my act in gear for a Saturday egg hunt.

Granny V was so kind to take the kids to a movie to keep them out of the way. (They got the best deal...she took them to see Beauty and the Beast!) Once they were back, we went right to work, mainly because I was worried about chocolate melting in the sun.

We still have the rules that kids are released in reverse age order. Pearl will never tire of that. But we did mix it up and let them out the front door instead of the back this year. Pearl is ready, set, go.

Daisy was only 30 seconds behind. She came out swinging.

Ivory rushed right out and started gathering. Amazingly, there are still eggs in plane site up until Robyn.

 Speaking of my songbird, she didn't stand still for long. She immediately headed for the back.

And finally June. I think it is the longest 30 seconds of her life. Dad stands guard and makes sure she waits.

Then it is fun to walk around and see how the kids are doing.

Did I spy a photographer next to June? Looks like he found me too.

We even found a Pip with Granny V.

The littles eventually started counting their eggs and realized they had too many. Oops. It is hard to keep count in the frenzy. I simply took the extra and re-hid them for June. (I love how Daisy chose fancy over practical in her foot attire.)

Now let's play SPOT THE EGG. See if you can see what the kids are missing?

I admit that I couldn't find the one on the car. (Tyler helped hide eggs this year.)

Then it was time to open the loot. The big hit this year was the chicks. There were blue, pink, and yellow chicks. They were worth tokens in the token store.

And of course the camo eggs full of money. There was a 2 dollar bill this year. Daisy scored.

But our big winner of the $5 was June. Seemed fitting since she just missed it last year.

I did feel bad that the littles harvested some of the June's eggs. Maybe next year I will hide them by color. I have plenty and it would be a fun twist. Someone remind me next March. 

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meganmushrat said...

I have fond memories of snitching eggs out of Miranda's basket when she wasn't looking and rehiding them for you. I'm not sure she would have volunteered!