Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Crack for My Family

Now I love all Crack Offs, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be the family one. And when we get extended family involved, it is just that much sweeter.

Let's get right into all the amazing eggs we made this year. I know I say this all the time, but I am super impressed with the talent. Sometimes I just go back and look at all the fun eggs on the blog. There are hundreds by now.

June spent a LONG time on her Zentangle egg. It was amazing.

Robyn added hair to her Trolls. So creative.

Daisy's safari egg was adorable...one of my favorites.

Grandma was super creative as usual. The detail on her snail shell was awesome.

Grandpa sent eggs all the way from WA. That is serious dedication and the girls loved seeing them.

Cute Pearl made another pink egg because hers did so well last year, earning her second place.

I did a bit of a Moana theme. Recognize? (The lower one is from Echo Undertale...not Moana related.)

Ivory's egg was so cute with tropical pictures. I love her flamingo. I wish you could see the pineapple too.

Tyler's cruise ship was fantastic, getting us in the mood to sail away soon. He ran out of time to finish his other egg. (But it amazingly got a vote in the deco contest??)

Look at all these fun eggs. It is so hard to vote!

Check out our winners!

Here is a close up of the eggs. Sorry June's is blurry. It was so beautiful.

Looks like this family is ready to destroy all our hard work. It is a sacrifice, but it must be done.

Some eggs are rather intimidating, but luckily, the outside has nothing to do with how well it will do.

Eggs go down quickly around here.

Can you tell who are photographer was? The guy who is noticeably absent from the pictures. Sorry babe...love you.

Although Grandma lost to Pearl, she came back from the loser's bracket and was smashing eggs left and right.

But her second attempt to take down Pearl was no good. She was in shock!

And one Pearl, who made a lucky pink egg, was happier than a clam. Or maybe happier than a Pearl in a clam.

Good cracking everyone. Really, everyone is a winner when we play games as a family!

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meganmushrat said...

You blog brings it all back to me. It certainly was fun, and I think the snail was one of my better ideas. Curse that pink egg!