Thursday, May 25, 2017

When the Cat's Away...

You may have noticed that we didn't take any kids on our cruise. Granny V came down from ID and watched them for a week and then stayed with us longer to help out while Tyler had surgery on his foot. I get ahead because I'm not going to blog about Tyler's foot for awhile, but know that I think Granny V is amazing. We couldn't have survived without her.

Our schedule is pretty crazy around here. I cancelled some events, but Granny V still had a large list of places to get kids to and things to accomplish or manage. We left bags for the kids to open each day. There were just simple things inside like coloring pages, jokes, brownie mix, and nail polish. We thought it would be fun for the girls to have a spa night, so I planned on buying the peel-off face masks. I ran out of time at the end before the cruise and Tyler ran to the store in my place. I told him I needed face masks, but instead of what I was thinking, he got charcoal masks. (He's a guy. It isn't like he has a lot of experience buying face masks.) I almost felt bad putting them in the bag. It seemed like a mess just waiting to happen. But to Granny V's credit, she totally did the spa night and tackled the charcoal masks. And they even got some great pictures while doing it. (Which makes this momma very happy.) Everyone looks so relaxed. Who needs a cruise??

Looks like there were some others enjoying a siesta as well.

I'm sure everyone was rejuvenated by the end. And I'm glad Granny V could put her feet in the air for a bit. She deserved it.

Probably the most common passengers Granny V had were the littles. (They talked her into dropping and picking them up every day from school, although they walk all the time.) These three can be a handful. But they are good company.

June and Robyn had a Crack Off with their youth group. Here are June's eggs. (Not sure what happened to Robyn's?)

Turns out June won the whole thing. Way to go June. She got silly prizes, but I think bragging rights are always her favorite.

Pearl enjoyed the glasses.

I love that the kids took some random pictures. I'm assuming Pearl and Granny V are playing some kind of clapping game here. They are cute.

June finally broke her candy fast. When she started track, she vowed to eat no candy until track was over. It was a really long time. Here she is enjoying some well earned chocolate. (I don't think this was the first thing she had, but that is probably the face she made when she could eat candy again.)

These are just some of the things that happened while Tyler and I played in the Bahamas. There was the art festival too, of course, but that deserves its own post. We are so thankful that Granny V came and managed our small army. She was so helpful and we love her bunches. :)

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meganmushrat said...

You are lucky to have two such wonderful grandmothers for your kids (ahem - a bit of bragging here). I am delighted that Vicki is accessible to help when you need her. She is one of the most delightful people I have ever met. Funny - never thought I would like my daughters in-laws so much, but you really picked a winning family!