Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Crack for My Friends

Last year we tried an evening where friends could come for a Crack Off. It worked very well, so we gave it a go again this year. We almost tried to do an event at the Junior High, but we realized that we would have to eliminate the decoration contest part of it, and that was unthinkable to June. So we opted for the home event instead.

It is always nice to start with a game or two of Kubb as people arrive. Look how many girls...

That wasn't even all of them. There was some last minute egg decorating going on inside.

Let's look at some of these eggs that the girls came up with.

It was a crazy, beautiful, chaos getting all the eggs finished and named. But we got it done.

We had 18 girls cracking. I think that is the biggest bracket we have ever had. We had to tape two pieces of paper together.

Whew, I think Sophie's was the last egg to make it to the table. Her swirly egg was pretty cool.

I love this angle of all the eggs on the table. (Nice shot, Tyler.)

Then comes the hard part...choosing just five eggs as your favorites. I am always in charge of tallying votes. This time I had quite a few onlookers. I promise I am in there somewhere. I finally had to shoo them away.

It was very fun to announce all the winners. Yes, I stood on a chair so people could see me. One of the blessings of being short.

Here are the winners: Sunburn by Robyn, Mike by Abby, and Eggmoji by Hannah. (The funniest thing is that when Abby arrived, she didn't know the eggs were supposed to be decorated, so she drew Mike on the spot.)

Now for all the cracking. I'm just going to include some of my favorite shots. There was a lot of pointing and laughing when people's eggs cracked. It surprised me, but it was all in good fun.

Finally, it was down to the final two: Mackenzie and Christine. (Please note that June is turning into quite the photo bomber and silly facer.)

Can you tell who won from this victory pose?

Very impressive. Mackenzie's egg never cracked. Some eggs can take a lot of heat. Good job ladies.

These girls are so fun. It was great to see friends of Robyn and June all hanging out and playing games. It is wonderful to have good friends.

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meganmushrat said...

You have certainly taken egg-tapping to new heights. Looks like the girls had a wonderful time. And the decorations were great!