Monday, May 15, 2017

Tuesday - Swimming With the Sharks

Our first stop on the cruise was Nassau, Bahamas. We were docked when we woke up, so we simply had to get ourselves some breakfast and then head off the boat.

*Note to self: We thought it would be easy to bring a cooler and put food in it for the day. This only partly worked. There are a lot of signs about not bringing meat or fruits and vegetables off the ship. So, we left fruit and took yogurt, pastries, and muffins. (Does yogurt count as fruit?) I'm not even sure we were supposed to take that stuff, but we did.

Here is the sign as we got off the boat telling us when we needed to get back on. Don't worry, I'm sure we can be back by 11:15pm.

There are dozens of things we could have done, but we opted to try out Aquaventure over at the Atlantis Resort. You can buy your tickets through the cruise, but we opted to get them earlier because they can sell out and they are a bit cheaper online. You do have to get a taxi over to the resort. We found plenty of people willing to shuttle us. You can take a water taxi or a regular mini-van. We found one for $5 a person. Not too bad, but remember, you are paying both directions.

Over at the park, we got our wrist bracelets right away, but then we couldn't find the entrance. Everyone seems to know where it is. We kept getting vague statements, like 'go inside, you'll see it.' We wandered all over before we found the actual water part. But the area is amazing. There is plenty to see when you are wandering.

Finally we came across the water park section. It was all super amazing. There were plenty of pools; eleven at least. There were slides and tubes. One ride took you through a shark tank. Can you see the tube behind the sharks. While you are in the tube, you plunk down into that tube and have a relaxed ride watching the sharks as you float down. (I guess it might not be as relaxing if you are scared of sharks, but I don't mind the ones behind glass.)

Probably the best part of the park is the lazy river. Well, it isn't so lazy. There are rapids and waves. There is a conveyor belt that you take up and down at one point and you can exit the river to join a ride part way through. It was ridiculously fun. We could have stayed on the river all day. Here we are going up to take a slide back down.

And here are my toes. (I know you were hoping to see them.) Robyn did my nails with little starfish before I left.

We didn't get a lot of pictures because of the water aspect, but we did get some fun video. You probably saw some in this post. Here is Tyler hogging the tubes. Didn't anyone tell him he only  needs one?

And don't forget our lovely water ballet. First try. We were that synchronized.

After becoming thoroughly burned...yes, I got burned, we went to check out the aquarium. (And this after putting on sunscreen at least four or five times. Why can't I apply evenly?) The Aquarium was really cool. Although they didn't have an octopus. I really wanted to see one. Here are just a couple pictures.

We took some photos in a grotto with weird helmets above. They symbolized something, but we didn't take the tour, so I guess we'll never know. They may have something to do with the elements?

There was actually another aquarium in a different section of the resort. We scouted out that one as well. We took a picture of Beth by her favorite sea creature. (Meaning, she wouldn't even turn around and look at them she loves them so.)

Here we are in a walkway where sharks swam over our heads. 

Eventually, we had to head back. It was a very full day, but the taxis only run for so long. Bethany realized at some point that she still had an apple in her backpack. She took one out earlier on the ship, but missed the other. She was in possession of forbidden fruit. So naturally, she hid in the bathroom while she ate it. :)

That evening was formal night on the boat. We got all dolled up and enjoyed another spectacular meal on board. (Just ask Jonny and Tyler about the garlic scallops.)

We decided to see a musical/dance show that evening. It was okay. They seemed to do songs from very random musicals. (We decided later this must have something to do with copyright.)

I believe we watched a comedian the first night. It was okay. I can't say we were terribly impressed with any of the shows. I think we would skip them next time and play games instead.

Outside you could see another cruise ship in the harbor. It was lovely at night. (Please ignore Tyler's awkward pose.)

And indoors, we found fun creatures on our beds. They were a little strange, but I thought the steward was creative using our sunglasses.

I slept very well despite by burns. I think I got the worst of it. The boys burned their feet (which I did not...I got my feet okay with sunscreen) and I think Beth wasn't burned at all. But a minor burn wasn't going to slow me down.

Next up...Cococay, Island Paradise.

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meganmushrat said...

With all of the wonderful things you managed to see and do, I think it was pretty lame that they didn't have an octopus. Did you ask for a refund?