Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Crack For My Neighbors

How is your summer going? I'm enjoying these longer days with less on my plate. It doesn't mean we aren't busy...we just aren't over scheduled. And that is all I could ask for at the moment. Especially with my pile of blog posts waiting for me.

Today we are going back in time to our final Crack Offs. I really didn't like leaving our neighborhood one until after the cruise, but I couldn't fit it in beforehand. And it doesn't really matter. I could do a Crack Off in the middle of July and be happy.

I think my absolute favorite part of any Crack Off is seeing the egg designs people come up with. Some are simple and fantastic. Others are intricate and amazing. Some I wish I had thought of first. Let's take a look at what our neighborhood produced.

The Shark and Scuba Steve were done by Megan. I have to give her some props because she has never decorated eggs in her life. I'm glad I could be there to see her first creations!

Here is our group (for my memory). You have the Keens there. I think this is their fourth year coming in a row. Jana won 2014, and Chris won '15 and '16. Next around the table (going counterclockwise) is Burgundy and her brother Bronson. (Her hubby Dean ended up with another obligation, but I'm so happy that Burgundy came anyway and roped her brother into coming.)

Vicki was still hanging out at our place, so we included her. Thania and Steven Budd came and then the Tenney's as well -- Megan and J.J.

I feel awful that I didn't get a picture of the winning deco egg. Bronson stole the show with Eeyore. I think Tyler came in second with Maui and Megan, third, with Scuba Steve. There were some great eggs!

The cracking is always fun. It is even better when some people have never done it. Weirdly, I think we had more double cracks than ever before. We had some extra eggs and almost all of them were used up.

I was killing it. I actually thought I was going to win a neighborhood Crack Off for the first time. But it wasn't meant to be. Here is me losing. Look at Pearl's face. She is so distraught for me.

And who did I lose to?? Jana!! The best irony is that her original eggs had cracked in a double break, so she was using one of our extra eggs. I was beaten by a Cazier egg wielded by a Keen. (I never saw it coming.) That makes the Keens, champions, four years running. They have won every neighborhood Crack Off we have had in this house. Is it magic? Or a curse? I don't really mind. They can keep coming.

Also, I did one Crack Off at school this year in Ivory's 5th grade class. Since I was running it, I didn't get any pictures, but another mom sent me a few. The kids had a great time. Ivory wasn't in the pictures, but she was there, I promise. Our winner was Xander and Olivia came in 2nd. Good job!

That is enough cracking for this year. Sorry to be slow, but it is worth it to get all the eggs on here.

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