Friday, March 3, 2017

February Date - Triple Date with Idaho Cazier's

Hmm...I should probably mention our December and January dates because they didn't get a post of their own.

December was read a book. We started Nobody's Fool and have yet to finish it. We were really enjoying it, but we haven't had a lot of time to dedicate to reading. We had to turn in our library copy and we finally bought our own, but it still sits on the shelf. We'll give you an update if we ever finish it.

January was watch a play. We went to see Cash on Delivery at the Hale. It was so funny. We laughed all the way through it. I love a drama, and musicals are always on my list, but give me a comedy any day. It feels good to laugh. (Don't ask me why this picture is backward. It just is.)

Now for February. We decided it would be fun to go on a date with Tyler's brothers. They are both up in ID, so we don't see them very often and we usually don't go out with just them when we visit. There are many options for a date, but we went fancy and did a Murder Mystery evening. You can get them almost any size online. It was a little tricky to find one for just 6 people, but we found a fun super hero one.

I was Shiver and Tyler was Nerdon. (Sorry, just fits you the best. No offense.) It was fun to dress up. We borrowed and used what we could find. I tried to take a stunning selfie, but useless Nerdon got in my photo. (Honestly, he is only there when you don't need him.)

I was quite the stuck up character. I only thought about myself and my looks and how I would look on the arm of Mr. Fantastic. (That was an optional character. He wasn't one of our people.) Here is our fun group. Jami was Elecktra, J.R. was Stingmata. Kolby was the Red Wonder, and he loved music and rapping. Kathryn was the Blue Blaze. (And of course, Nerdon...sheesh.)

What is he doing here? He should have no doubt that I am NOT interested.

Do you see little Henlee down there? She had bear ears on. She wanted to be dressed up too. How cute!

(The events, told from the view of Shiver.)

The evening was filled with good food and fun banter. Our job as heros was to apprehend Da Bomb (the bad guy). We had a meeting, but naturally we kept being pulled off topic. There seemed to be devious plots afoot. It seemed Nerdon might have been aiding Da Bomb. Elecktra was only concerned with being the superhero leader. It seemed someone might be related to Da Bomb. Could it be the Red Wonder? Nerdon and the Red Wonder should not sit by each other. Those two can't get along at all.

(*Spoilers ahead. If you don't want to know who dies or who the killer is, you should stop reading.)

Then suddenly Nerdon died. It seems he was poisoned. Stingmata knows all about poison. Is that too obvious? The Red Wonder has never liked him. Could he be the killer? At least Nerdon's nerdy voice died with him. Phew.

We all submitted our guesses as to who the murderer was. I was having some trouble deciphering the clues, and messed it up. I thought it was Elecktra the whole time. (She is always trying to steal my boyfriend Mr. Fantastic. Well...he isn't my boyfriend, but he should be.)

Can you believe the murderer was Blue Blaze? She was so quiet the whole time. I never suspected her, but it turns out she was related to Da Bomb and was trying to take over being our leader. Honestly, who cares who's in charge as long as I look good??

We had one last chance to stop her. We all had to guess an animal. If we guessed the right one, we would stop her evil plot. Quickly, think of your own guess. Maybe you can stop her....

Did you guess COW??

We didn't either.

Blue Blaze won. She murdered Nerdon and ruled the world with Da Bomb. We are the worst group of superheroes ever. At least I still look good. And Elecktra won't get Mr. Fantastic now.

(End Scene.)

It was really fun, but we totally failed at the end. I thought there would be some logic to the animal, but a cow?? No one was even close to that. I think Jami guessed it was Kathryn, but that didn't stop Kat from taking over the world.

It was such a fun evening hanging out with our family. At the end, we played with Hand Bells. Jami and J.R. got a set from some friends. I remember doing stuff like this when I was a kid. I have never grown out of it. So fun.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Granny V had all our kidlets. They watched Mom's Night Out. Vicki loved it but couldn't decide why the kids like it. It is just funny. Who wouldn't like it?

It was a quick trip up and back, but it was a great time. Thanks for playing dress-up with us, Kat, Kolb, Jami, and J.R.

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