Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ivory's 11 Year Gallery

That's right. This spicy personality is 11!

We already celebrated her last month, but as usual, birthday shoots run a little slower. I asked Ivory where she wanted to take pictures. We stewed it over for a while and then we both came up with the same the gym.

Ivory spends an insane amount of time there anyway. And it is fun to get some pictures of her doing what she loves. We got special permission to come in on a Saturday. On a weekday it would have been super crowded, but we had the gym almost to ourselves. (The tumbling team was there, but we stayed out of their way.) Ivory switched over to High Altitude a year or so ago and she has had a great experience there. I'm not sure gymnastics will be her entire future, but I love the skills she has learned and the strength she has developed. Enjoy her photo shoot.

Since we found a mirror, I was able to get a picture with her as well.

It was lucky that we were indoors because it decided to rain. Despite the dreary weather, Ivory was convinced that she wanted Menchie's for her treat. It was too early and they weren't even open, but we came back as soon as frozen goodness was available. Love my Ives. Do you like how I'm emphasizing my silver highlights. (Someone called me out the other day. She said, "Maleen, you are going gray." I told her it wasn't anything new. I'm just embracing it.)

I'm pretty sure Ivory is a chocolate addict. Remember her birthday when she asked for Brownies with Chocolate ice cream? Well, I think everything in her Menchie's bowl was brown with extra chocolate drizzled on top. I can't really blame her.

Ivory gets more expressive with every year. I love her more every year she gets older. And speaking of older, would you like a sneak preview of how she will look as a granny?

At least she will be a happy old lady.

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meganmushrat said...

She is one awesome child. I can hardly wait to come watch her compete.