Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Live from ROBYN...

Once upon a time...

There was a mother. She was the mother of five children. They were the love of her life. They needed her. A LOT. And that is why this blog post is being typed by one of her daughters.

Right now, she is busy taking care of a kid that isn't even hers.

So I am going to type this blog post all about her.

Lets start at the beginning. First of all, you have to be really devoted to even want to come close to having a child. Because you have to carry them in your stomach for 9 months, until they finally get too cramped so they come out a pink slimy mess. But you love them anyway, because heck, that was a lot of work to get it out there.

My mom happened to have five kids, so she had to suffer through... 45 months of throwing up and sluggishness, and stress... summed up as a pregnancy.

But she did it! She sure did. Otherwise, I wouldn't be typing how great she was, now would I?

ANYWAY, she had five babies. Not all at the same time of course. They all came about two years apart. Which meant she had a toddler and a 4 year old, and a baby, at the same time. So you can see how faithful she has been to all of these kids.

In a flash (as she likes to think of it, but I think it took some LONG years) her kids are now the ages that follows: 14, (to be 15 this year) 12, (to be 13 this year) 11, 8 soon to be 9, and the youngest just turned 7.

Every morning she gets up at 6:45, to make lunches and help her kids get ready for school. She reminds them of the many things they need to bring to school. Like shoes.

Sometimes even she needs a reminder. (I won't give any examples. I don't think she would be pleased if I did anyway.) But she will eventually remember that one of the kids is at an activity and is waiting to be picked up. Or that three kids are late to a concert. And at the same time one kid is complaining about what dinner is. Talk about juggling!!

But she spins all those plates. (I am really not sure how.) And she still manages to read five pages of the bible every day, drink a liter and a half of water, and make a green smoothie almost every morning. Of course she passes on her responsibilities to her kids. The two oldest have to make dinner one day a week, and do their own laundry. The littles don't have much to do yet, but everyone has a dinnerchore. Whether or not they do it is another matter.

My mom is one of my favorite people. She makes me dinner. She buys me clothes. She gets me shoes. She spends time with me. She does everything I could want. (Except give me ice cream all the time.) Who could ask for more?

My mom could. She is married to the luckiest guy there is. He just so happens to be my dad. But this post is about my mom so my dad is obviously not the main subject, so the paragraph on him will be brief.

My dad is tall and not really fat but not really skinny, and he wears glasses. I am not sure how he was interested in my mom. Or how my mom was interested in him, but I am sure glad that he was. He works as a web developer. And earns all the money for us. Well most of it...

My mom watches over me and my sisters like a hawk. She got a job at the elementary school years ago, working in the library so she could watch us and make sure we behaved. But then we switched schools and the two oldies went to junior high. she got a job as the copy lady at the junior high school. And now where ever I go, her eyes are on me.

But it makes sense in it's own way. What mother lets their kids go out into the big scary world with only sneakers and a backpack? It only made sense that my mom followed everyone, shepherding them into the right classes.

She also did something to make us successful. She made us take piano lessons. I have used the talent I made in those lessons extremely in my life, and if it hadn't been for her, keeping me in those lessons, I wouldn't be the amazing musician I am today.

My mom doesn't only look after her kids too. She's watching one right now as I said in the 4th line. (Which makes it super easy to write this post right under her nose.) But she also offers rides to students who need a quick way to school. She has at least one extra kid in the car on the way to school. And usually three extra on the way home.

What person could be more lucky than me to have my mom as a mom?

Plus in the end...

We'll all live happily ever after.

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meganmushrat said...

I couldn't agree with you more, although that might sound like bragging since YOUR mom is MY daughter. I didn't take nearly as good care of her as she is taking of you. But every generation is supposed to be better than the one before - right? So you'd better be a super-good mother when you have children!