Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gymnasts Squared

I promise that I don't love Ivory more than my other children...she just happens to have a lot of stuff going on recently, so here is another post about her.

This year has been interesting because Ivory is following in June's footsteps in A.L.L. She has the same teacher June had in 5th grade and many of her projects have been the same. But several of her projects have been different. This is disconcerting to me. I feel like I know what is coming and then it is all changed. Most of it has been easier. From what I gather, Mrs. Mahoney feels there are some kids that couldn't handle the rigors of previous assignments so she has slimmed them down a bit.

Hmmm...not sure how I feel about that?

Images of Greatness is a HUGE night for A.L.L. In the past, the kids have made boards, done several side projects, dressed as their person and come to an evening where they recited a bio poem, which is a poem that rhymed detailing the life of their person. They had to write the poem themselves and memorize it. It was intense. June went as Laura Ingalls Wilder the first year and Princess Di the second.

This time around, the kids were asked to do an essay instead of a bio-riddle. That meant they didn't have an evening centered around the kids. Instead they had an afternoon where they set up their boards, but get this...dressing up was optional. Boo. It didn't have the same feel at all.

Ivory worked so hard on her project though. In 5th grade they have to choose an American who has had an impact. Ivory wanted to do Simone Biles, but Mrs. Mahoney said she didn't qualify. Ivory was very sad. She tried picking other people, but her heart wasn't in it. On the day they had to finalize their choice, Mrs. Mahoney caved and allowed a few exceptions. Simone Biles was one.

In part, Mrs. Mahoney was worried about kids finding enough info and getting a book about their person. Luckily, just such a book exists about Simone. Check out Courage to Soar. Ivory loved the book and was always telling me little tid-bits about it.

Her board looked great when she finished it. Kudos Ives. (Please ignore the messy house behind, although that is how things usually look.)

Here are some interesting facts about Simone.

On the day of, it was fun to go around and see all the boards. Even without the bio-riddles, it was cool to see all the people the kids picked to research.

Sadly, not many people dressed up, but you'd better believe Ivory did. We put glitter around her eyes (like Simone) and she even put chalk on her clothes as if she had just been competing on the beam or bars.

They had to bring three items to go with their board. Ivory chose the book, some medals, and I talked her into bringing her beam. It was a hit. Her project was on the edge, so she set up her beam nearby and entertained people. We took these pictures before it got too crowded. For a while there was a group of girls around her. She eventually put her beam away to keep it safe.

It was a very fun afternoon, although I think I still like the evening version more. Perhaps it was like this because the 5th and 6th grade A.L.L. are currently at separate schools. Who knows? All the kids did a great job on their projects. My other favorite board was this one...

Abby got special permission as well to do Bethany Hamilton. What an inspiring lady. Sadly, Abby was gone that day. I would have loved to see her dressed up with one arm.

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meganmushrat said...

Good heavens, I don't even know who Bethany Hamilton is - and it was a struggle to remember Simone. What ever happened to Betsy Ross and Clara Barton? Too old-fashioned? But Ives did a great job with the topic.