Saturday, March 18, 2017

Good Riddance February

Once again February was not my favorite month. I was sick half the month, June was out of school for almost a week, and I ended the month by throwing out my back. Yowzers.

But that doesn't mean that the whole month was bad. We tend to fit in fun activities even when things aren't ideal. Let's look at some of the random fun moments we had.

Tyler went up to Front Sight again. I hope he blogs about his experience again. He had a great time,  made even greater by the fact that his back didn't come into contact with a super heated brass casing. No burns this time around. We girls had to fend for ourselves at home. I was sad to be missing Tyler, especially since I was sick, but I didn't want him getting whatever I had, so it was fine for him to be MIA for a bit. We sent him a picture of Sunday night dinner to show that we missed him.

June continues to churn out fun art projects. She could have her own display by the time the art show rolls around. No wonder it is so fantastic; so many different types of art. This time around was the graph paper art. (There might be a more technical name?) I love how June's project turned out.

My new calling has been really fun. We had our camp kickoff in February to let everyone know the theme for camp. It is Find Your Grove. I love how well it goes with the Youth Theme for the year, Ask. I think we each need to find a place where we feel comfortable communing with our Father in Heaven. The sisters did a great job decorating for the event. It makes me so excited for camp.

For Valentine's Day, the kids made their own boxes. Daisy came up with an idea for a minion box. It turned out super cute and I never took a picture, but I did manage to catch Ivory's crazy minion spawned from the original idea.

We did pretty simple valentines this year. Although anything that requires an assembly line means we put in time and effort.

New Beginnings in Young Women rolled around again. No new Cazier girls entered, but both the older girls helped out and gave information about one of the values. Robyn did Faith and June did Virtue. They both did a great job. I'm proud of my girls that they can easily speak in front of a crowd without getting visibly nervous. They are such beautiful competent young women.

Robyn saved up some money to buy herself a watch. We played around at Target for a while. We laughed at this sun hat. We know they are supposed to be floppy, but this seems overly so. I did end up buying those sunglasses though.

At the Jnuior High, there is a student of the day each day. One kid per grade. I think they are recommended by the teachers. Sadly, June was never student of the day last year. And this year, it was past half the year and still no recognition for her. She is such a great student that we were really surprised. Some people had been it twice and still no dice for June. But finally, the week she was sick, it was her turn. Don't worry, she finally went back to school on Friday and that was her moment.

During student-led conferences, they also held the 7th Grade art show. Robyn had a couple pieces. (They don't get to choose what they draw in 7th grade. They are given a few options, but you don't get to pick your own subject.) I really liked both of Robyn's pieces. The starfish eyes especially look like Robyn's work.

Ivory lost another tooth. This one was very bloody. I took a picture of the very bloody tooth, but I won't put that on here. Just the very bloody socket. (You're welcome.)

Finally Robyn had to go back to Color Me Mine to finish her project since it was a little more intricate. I took her back and really liked how it turned out. Now she has two pony plates. One might think she is making a collection...

So I guess February wasn't so bad after all. And good things come from trials. This last episode with my back inspired me to look into a better solution. I'm happy to say that there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. But that is a story for another time...

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