Thursday, September 5, 2013

Say Goodbye to Cat Pee

That wasn't very kind of us to leave you all hanging like that. But we have been without internet and that makes it more difficult to blog. Not just really have to be dedicated and I have not been so much recently. Well, truthfully I have been dedicated. I have been engaged in getting my family settled into a new home and unpacking a lot of boxes.

We did buy our new home, and we all LOVE it. ADORE. It is such a good fit for our family. There are a few glitches, like the lack of internet currently, but nothing that a little time and effort won't solve. Would you like a tour? I knew you would. Really, these pictures are mostly for family living elsewhere, but you are like family too, so come along.

In fact, I brought my camera the very first day we got the house, so I could take nice pictures of all the vacant rooms. Then I didn't take any pictures because I was always in the midst of something. By the time I got around to it, there were boxes and mess in almost every space. But you'll get the idea of what the house looks like. Where shall we start? In the front, I guess.

Here is my house. Cute huh?

I love the details like the glass in the door and on the garage.

Oh, and there is a mailbox. Our OWN mailbox, not connected to a dozen others.

There is a sweet front porch area, complete with swing.

While we're outside, let's go in the back. Here is the back from the lower yard. Doug and Tyler were pressure washing the house at this point.

Here is another view of the back yard. It isn't huge, but I love the trees and the patio. There are even water misters connected at the top so you can cool down while you BBQ.

An odd temporary attachment is the sport court. The girls love to play down on it, but it will be leaving soon as someone is building on the property. It is not part of our yard.

Here are the stairs going up to our house.

Now back to the house. As you go in the front door, there are some stairs. Might as well go right up.

The master bedroom is huge. I have no idea what we will do with all that space.

There is a bathroom.

And then an added sunroom. Also not sure what the ultimate purpose of the sunroom will be, but we like it.

Hallway. Never really had a hallway before.

Girls bathroom.

Which also contains the laundry room.

I caught Ivory off guard when I photographed her room.

She and Robyn are sharing at the moment. Robyn was promised the room in the basement, but we currently have boarders. We hadn't planned on having people stay with us, but it is a great arrangement for all. Robyn will get her room eventually. In the meantime, she and Ivory are feeling right at home. Look at the welcoming sign they made for their door. (I like the puddle of blood.)

The littles are sharing a room again.

June gets her own, which is a little smaller.

But she got the secret closet in a closet. Very cool.

Let's go back downstairs. 

There is a front room, which will be the music room. And Tyler has named it Carnegie Hall. That way, our children can feel really special when they play there. (Not everyone gets to play at Carnegie Hall.)

Connected to Carnegie Hall is the library.

It's getting there, but I love that I have a place for so many books in one room.

Next....the kitchen. This is probably the main reason I bought the house.

Amazing huh? That post there in the middle has been named the anti-social post. It does tend to block people out at inopportune times.

Off the kitchen is Midgard (family room).

Also off the kitchen is the office/computer room.

See how the spaces are all connected?

The kitchen is the great hub of the household. Good thing too, since I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen. Oh, and there is a little half bathroom in the hallway.

Then downstairs, we have the basement family room. (Not named yet.)

There is the bedroom.

And the bathroom.

And the storage; empty when I took this, but now blissfully filled with my holiday decorations. It is a glorious thing.

Phew, are you still with me? Quite the trip around this place. Even since I took these pictures, so much has changed inside and out. The house looked great after a good wash. The boys....well, they were a little less clean. Here are Doug's feet after he took off his shoes. (I'll give the boarders a proper introduction soon.)

And so ends our tour. There are other nooks and crannies, but you have to come visit to see it all. Please do, we love company.

As for blogging, I really hope to get back into a groove. The children pulled out some old blog books and I remembered how much I love them. It physically hurt to think of so many things I have missed over the summer. But I'm hoping that we will fall into a nice routine in the new house. Nothing like being Home Sweet Home.


meganmushrat said...

Wow - are we jealous! What a wonderful house. Could you leave it to us in your will? Oh, wait a minute. You're probably going to live longer than us. Darn. You originally said something about a 'breakfast nook' that I suggested be made into a pantry. Was that the computer room/den or something we haven't seen yet? We can hardly wait to see it in person. Especially decorated for Christmas!!!

Jenaca and Stephen said...

Maleen, I love it! It has such great space and SO much character! How fun! I can't wait to see it in person! :)

Anonymous said...

So so exciting and so much space!!! It sounds and looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

That little stinker Haley is actually me, Emma Jo. :)

¡Vieve! said...

That is a great looking house! I am excited for you guys to fill it and it to become a home!

Also, everyone knows, a sunroom is where you receive your visitors. ;)
In related news, I like to invent purposes for rooms.
Happy moving!

Aubry Macbean said...

Congrats on the new house. It looks like the perfect fit for your family. I love the kitchen. Good luck on getting everything settled.