Friday, September 11, 2015

A Poem This Morning

Robyn's class did an assignment describing themselves. (A usual for the beginning of school.) She made a puzzle, drew a likeness of herself and wrote a poem. Granted, it was a form poem, where you just insert certain words, but it stills helps me get to know her a little better.

All my kids are unique and interesting. I always want to know more about them and how and what they think about. So, here is Robyn's Poem:


I am special and short
I wonder what people think about me
I hear popular songs
I see a delicious dinner
I want a cute puppy
I am special and short

I pretend to fight with myself
I feel happy about school
I touch fuzzy stuffed toys
I worry about natural disasters
I cry about death
I am special and short

I understand I am loved
I say I believe in Christ
I dream to become a writer
I try to do hard things
I hope to be successful
I am special and short

She is special and short. I was helping in the library this week when her class came in and Robyn was a head shorter than her classmates. Being short myself, I don't think it is the end of the world. And usually you don't notice height, unless you are sitting behind someone very tall at the movies. Plus, we all know good things come in small packages.

Special things come in any size. And Robyn is pretty special. Her personality is fantastic. Her sense of humor is sharp. She is kind and generous. I hope that she doesn't change to suit other people. She is pretty great the way she is right now.

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meganmushrat said...

I happen to be pretty special and short myself - and I wouldn't be surprised if Robyn passes me up (height-wise) as I think I'm shrinking!