Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Day to Be Brave

We were wrapping up our week with Ethan and what better way than with a birthday. It just so happens that Daisy was kind enough to provide one for us.

I planned to go out and get her yummy pastries for her birthday. We usually do Kolaches, but I was craving one of those apricot heaven things from Bake 360. So I got up early to get deliciousness before everyone got up. Ethan accompanied me. I think he was trying to make up for falling asleep the night before. He made it one way...but on the return trip...

What can I say? We party hard.

Here is birthday bear with the leftovers from breakfast.

Daisy chose to go shooting for her birthday. Not the gun kind of shooting she had just done with Ethan, but the archery kind of shooting. She decided months in advance that that was what she wanted. So, archery shooting we went.We have a pretty nice facility not far away. They are legit. They have all the right gear to keep your fingers from blistering and your forearm from being snapped by the string. Look at all these Hawkeyes in training.

Everyone did a great job. Check out some of these shots.

Ivory's was my favorite. Not even sure how she hit that wood column on the side. But clearly, she wasn't the first.

Peapod was great. I don't know if she ever hit a target, but she was great at collecting arrows.

That's some pretty sweet shooting Tex!

And of course, the birthday girl. That bow looks bigger than she is, but she owned it.

Even the parents did some shooting. However, I want some extra gear next time. I'm sure I was holding it wrong, because the string kept hitting my boob. Wow...that hurts. I had quite the bruise the next day.

Archery was great fun. Eventually your fingers and arms get tired, so we wore ourselves out and then went home. Unfortunately, when we got home, we discovered that Moxy had passed away. That led to a morning full of tears and sorrow. Moxy will get her own post because she deserves it. It was quite a bittersweet birthday.

In the evening, we had pulled ourselves together enough to finish the celebrating. Daisy got some awesome balloons.

We measured her and she is still topping the charts. Slated to be one of the tallest Cazier's. (In our family at least.)

Gift opening was fun. She finally got the mirror she has been wanting.

Probably her favorite was the fidget spinner. I actually bought it on a whim. I had no idea my kids were coveting one.

With a gift from Grandma and some shoes from mom, Daisy went into fancy mode, her favorite place to be.

This picture is one of my favorites. While we were opening gifts, Pearl was smothering Ethan with her love, as only Pearl can.

We finished the evening with ice cream cupcakes. Daisy loves them. I think they are weird, but I dutifully make them when they are a birthday request.

Happy Birthday our lovely Daisy cakes! You are a ray of sunshine in our home.

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meganmushrat said...

Probably one of the most bittersweet birthdays in Cazier history. Daisy is a real charmer (I saw the letter and picture she sent Miranda), and one of the sweetest kids I've ever met. Hope she never changes.