Friday, July 18, 2008

The Rest of the Rest of the Story

Tyler did such an excellent job telling Daisy's delivery story that I really don't need to add much. However, this is my journal and it would probably be appropriate to add a few of my thoughts about the day (and a whole lot more pictures of course). I know a slide show would do much of the same thing, but as I plan to make this into a book, I like each photo to be there individually. And for those of you who like to scan through a post, there is plenty to look at.

So, in the end, I did go into labor by myself (so to speak). I was hoping for this all along, and it was a little nerve-racking because as Tyler mentioned I couldn't decide whether to go the hospital or not. It was very much like having my first baby and I didn't want to get sent away from the hospital on a false alarm (or call Keri over to my house at 2:30 in the morning for no reason). Fortunately it was the real thing.

I can't say that I prefer going into labor by myself. It was definitely more exciting, but the whole process seemed slower. Normal contractions come 3-7 minutes apart, but when I'm induced they are only 1-2 minutes apart. Comfortwise, that is a bit more painful, but once you get an epidural, it is all the same. I seem to dilate faster with pitocin (go figure) so labor goes faster when you are induced (which is not a bad thing in my opinion). Besides the fact that you don't have painful contractions until you actually get to the hospital.
Then there is the matter of choosing a day. It was fun to have her come on her own and I was lucky that she came on my half-birthday (pretty easy day to remember huh?) But I admit that I sometimes like to choose the birthday for my child. So yay for going into labor by myself, but being induced has some positives as well.

Now for my thoughts on section "C". Truthfully, I never want to have one, but I am all for the safety of my child before anything else. When the doctor started mentioning the ominious 'C' word, I swallowed my pride and decided right there that I would do what was necessary, but it freaked me out. You don't go through labor for eight hours and then hope that you can just be cut open instead.
I had imagined being on the bed and being wheeled through the hallway (much like the movies) with the lights going by overhead, so it was surreal when it actually came time for that. I was very calm the entire time because I wouldn't let myself get upset (what is the point?). I tried to detach from the situation as much as possible and breathe evenly. I was still intent on pushing with all my might and it certainly didn't help that they filled my epidural to the max when we got into the sterile room. Before, I could feel my toes and some of the contractions, but by the time they were finished, I was trying to decide whose legs they were moving around down there, because they sure weren't mine anymore (they were soooo numb). And then, just as I couldn't be any more numb, they say "push". Yeah, let me get right on that.
I am still amazed that your body can push just by you willing the muscles to do what they normally do. I probably pushed for ten minutes (three contractions), but they didn't give me much time to breathe. I focused in on Tyler's voice and listened to his encouragements, and thank goodness, Daisy finally made her appearance.
In the moment, I would have done the C-section, but later when I was recovering, I can not tell you how happy I was that I was not worrying about stitches and keeping my baby off my stomach.

There has been some debate as to who she looks like. I will give you my opinion, but you are welcome to make your own (most people do). When her eyes are closed, she sometimes reminds me of Ivory, but when her eyes are open, she is a pretty good mix of June and Robyn (I decided this after looking back at their baby pictures).

Regardless, she definitely belongs in our family somewhere.

The family came to visit me in the hospital and the girls are thrilled with her. Everyone took a turn holding her.

And kissing her.

This picture is my favorite with Robyn rubbing noses with her.

I am wondering when holding her will get 'old' because I still hear frequent requests to hold her. I give it a week (hopefully).

I actually really enjoy the food at the hospital, but other than that, I get terribly bored. By Thursday I couldn't wait to get out of there, but the doctor had forgotten to discharge me so we sat around an extra hour or so waiting to leave. I think Tyler got a taste of my boredom because he was resorting to extreme tactics to entertain himself.

By the end we were testing security to see what we could get away with. Technically you can't have a baby out of the room unless she's IN the bassinet. I heard nurses yelling at a dad earlier. Look at us breaking the rules (ha ha-we're all the way on the other side of the hallway!).

Now she is home and we are loving her to pieces. Sometimes we have to find creative places to put her to give her a moments rest,

but I can only imagine that she will grow from all the love she is getting.


skye said...

Congratulations Maleen and Tyler!

I'm so glad that you were able to deliver her safely. I had the emergency C with my first one, and yeah, it was pretty scary.

She is very beautiful and I'm sure she'll fit into your family just perfectly. :)

Desmama said...

She looks perfectly angelic. Congratulations! I'm so glad she's here!

Cindy B said...

What a sweetheart! Those are some great pictures of all your girls.

BYU Flash said...

She a keeper. Which is funny when people say that like you ever give any of your children back saying nope not a keeper this time. I'm so glad you were able to experience the going on your own and glad everything worked out. I'll be looking forward to seeing her in person.

Chelle! said...

Oh, she is simply adorable. Those pictures are completely precious. My favorite is the one with Robyn touching her nose against Daisy' precious is that.

Rynell said...

She is so beautiful! The hospital is very boring, you're right. Having done both regular deliveries and a c-section, I was so relieved you didn't have to go through the c-section recovery.

¡Vieve! said...

I just want to also put my name out there and say that I held her. For a good little while. AND...I liked it. Shoot.

Hot Chocolate said...

Congratulations again! She is such a pretty girl! I love the pictures with the other children. They look like they already love her so much. Hopefully we'll get to see you all in person soon. Know we are thinking of you.

Stacie said...

What precious pictures of all your girls - they are adorable! I was thinking that one of the pics Tyler put on his part of the blog she looked like Ivory. So glad you didn't have to recover from the C section, but I totally hear you on whatever is necessary for the safety of your baby! I had a friend that did much the same as you and she ended up delivering in the OR prepped already for C section, but she pushed him out with all her might - she WAS NOT going to have a C section and I always thought "wow, think about the safety of the baby". Pretty sad that she was sooo against it to the point of risking the baby - I really wonder if she would've been strong like you to separate herself and just do it. Great job in being brave enough to do it if you needed to! Congrats to your beautiful family!

jennie said...

Sweet baby! Congratulations, she is adorable. I love your blog... I don't read it nearly enough! I love your wit. xoxo