Monday, July 12, 2010


Yep, still need to blog the fourth. And this is why I blog so often people. So I don't get behind. I don't like it.

And Martin's Cove is right around the corner and that will be more pictures.

So I give you a few tid-bits so I can catch up on my thoughts.

We have a lot of children's books. I moved a book case from one side of the room to the other and I was amazed at how many books are on that thing.

Oddly, they didn't all fit back on. Did they multiply while they were on the floor? I wish. I can't get enough of kids' books.

The bottle battle is going really well. Pearl has accepted the bottle with panache. Robyn had her turn feeding her, and I think her cheeks are getting fatter. (Pearl's, not Robyn's.)

The best part so far was the other day when I took a nap that lasted longer due to the fact that Tyler got Pearl up and fed her a bottle instead of getting me up. Okay bottle. You hurt my pride, but I think we can be friends.

Plus, what would Ivory do without you?

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Nelle said...

I love your pile of children books. I am a huge sucker for the Scholastic book orders and have so many mine don't fit on the bookshelf anymore either. The last move I gave a bunch away to my school teacher niece. I hope I can fit them all into boxes this time around.