Thursday, May 9, 2013

Still Knows How to Work the System

Tyler was busy today and asked me to run and get him something from downstairs.

Me: Say Pretty Please.

Tyler: Pretty Maleen.

Ahh, what wouldn't I get him after that? He still is quite the charmer.


Sharona said...

OH Maleeny! I sure do love very very much. I think about you often and had to google you today because I could remember Life Savers but not the actual web address to your blog. You are moving. So did I. And sort of just on a whim and I cried. A lot. I looked at my flowers and cried, my raspberries and cried, my remodeled kitchen and cried. And no one is blaming you or judging you. We get it.

Sharona said...

Oh, and yes, you should get the man anything he wants, lol!