Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Color Me Happy

When my mom was in town a while ago, one of the top things on her list was to go to Color Me Mine. And I was happy to come along for the ride. Color Me Mine is probably one of my happy places. (Not that everything I do is fantastic, but there is always potential for greatness.) Once painting was mentioned, there was a whole slew of little ones that demanded a session of their own. I allowed the oldest three to come, simply because I know they can paint on their own with little adult supervision.

Only Tim and Ivory finished that evening. I had to take the older girls back later, and my mom....well, she picked the hardest piece in the store, and spent over 12 hours making it amazing!! (She went back twice more.)

In fact, let's start with pictures of her piece, because it seriously is great. So much detail, and she made sure to do three coats on almost everything so it would be bright and vibrant. Just looking at it, I bet you can imagine why it took so long.

Here are some detail shots.

I didn't see Tim's piece, so I'm sorry it won't make the blog.

Here is Ivory's candy dish.

Robyn made a napkin holder. (Actually, I told the girls they could only come with me if I could choose what they painted. I have wanted a napkin holder for some time.) It looks nice on this side with the flowers.

And innocent enough on the other side with the cookies.

But really, it is a napkin starved creature. Watch out.

June was commissioned to make a plate which we could later use to display eggs. I think she did a fabulous job.

These are her favorite eggs.

And I did a dessert plate. I think I want to do a whole set of dessert plates eventually. And what better place to start...than with cake.

So ends another venture in painting. Certainly not the last for us. Daisy is already begging to go since she missed out this last time. Well, twist my arm Daisy...we can probably go again soon.


¡Vieve! said...

I've never even heard of this place, do you pick a piece and paint it or is it like a paint-by-numbers thing? It looks exciting and fun, no matter how it works!

meganmushrat said...

I think the girls pieces turned out great! Ivory picked such great colors and I love the mouth inside the napkin holder - and frankly June's plate rivals mine in detail. Is your next plate going to be "a slice of pie"? I can hardly wait to do something else when we come visit in July!