Monday, April 29, 2013

Gymnastics on a Smaller Scale

After Robyn's birthday party, we went to Ivory's Gymnastic Competition. I guess I should be clear that I didn't see any need to do the competition. It cost a little extra, and I think we already spend enough. But last time they had one, Ivory really wanted to go, and I finally caved, and when I went to sign her up, it was already full. (Oops, I didn't realize there was a limit to how many kids could compete.) So this time around, Ivory pleaded to go. And what day should it fall on?? Why, Robyn's birthday of course. In fact, for a while, I  was worried that the two events would overlap, and I kept telling Ivory that if there was a conflict, Robyn's birthday would take precedence. Luckily, it didn't come to that.

I'd never been to one of these things before, so we just arrived and went with it. They divided the kids into groups, with overlapping levels. Ivory was in a group that had Beginning girls, level 1, level 2, and level 3 girls. (Ivory was the only level 2 girl in her group, but it seemed that one of the level 1 girls was doing the same routines she was. Honestly, I was a little confused how it worked.)

At this gymnastics place they start you in Beginning girls and then they call you when your child advances. Great. Seems easy enough. Ivory moved up to level 1 in about 8 months. Then just three weeks ago, they called and told me that she was ready for level 2. Great. This really doesn't mean much to me. But I was smart enough to put together that if she had just moved up a level, there were chances that she wouldn't be as good as the other girls in her group yet. And that didn't bother me. I just wanted Ivory to feel like she had done well at the end of the day.

They competed in four events. Ivory's group did floor first. Ivory can't do a back walkover yet, but she sure can get her leg up in the air looking good.

Next they did Vault.

Then came bars, but it was back lit and hard to see so I didn't take any pictures.

And finally, beam. Ivory did fall off once, but she jumped right back up to finish.

I thought she did great, and I cheered her on the whole time. Ivory looked over to where we were sitting often, so I could tell that she wanted us to see what she was doing. I took three of the girls with me. (Tyler stayed home with Pearl who crashed after the horse party.) You have to remember that the kids had already had a long day to begin with, so they were a little bored and tired sitting there. I took close-ups of June since she was underneath my legs.

Daisy was just plain bored and got drinks from the drinking fountain every 5 minutes.

And Robyn brought in some art stuff to work on.

During a break in the event, they asked if anyone had a birthday and everyone sang to Robyn. That was pretty cool and embarrassing for her.

Then it was finally over, but not really, because they did awards and they gave ribbons for every event. So, we were there another hour. They did tumbling first, then boys, and finally they got to girls. They have a good system where everyone gets a medal, even if you come in 7th or so. My kids got confused at one point because they announced Beginning Girls 8 and under and Ivory wasn't called. Robyn looked over and said in a sad voice, "Ivory didn't get anything." And I explained that was because she was in level 2, and they hadn't announced them yet. "Oh, good," Robyn said.

Finally, they got to Ivory's group. They announced the results for Vault first. There were five girls from level 2, so they started with 5th place. Then 4th, and 3rd. I was starting to get worried, because they weren't calling Ivory's name, and I thought maybe they had forgotten her. They announced 2nd place, and still it wasn't Ivory. So, I held my breath and sure enough, Ivory got first place!! She was so dang excited. And we were too. I know this is competition is on a really small scale, and Ivory doesn't know much, but it is still really great to get a first place ribbon.

Ivory went on to get 1st in bars and floor as well. She got 3rd in beam, and we cheered her on again. I really felt like a very loud parent, but we had no idea she would do so well, so we were really excited for her. And then, Ivory won the all around champion for level 2. I was one proud mom.

I still feel kind of bad that I wasn't expecting her to do so well. But she had just moved up a level. And really, the girls who competed were just the ones who wanted to pay for this event. There are most likely many other girls who just didn't come. But my Ives did great!! Boo-yah. Look at all her ribbons.

We didn't even stay for the last awards. Tyler and I were already late to Supercross. (Ah...the over-scheduled day!!) I raced home, dropped off children, cheered Ivory again, kissed the birthday girl, and went out on the town with the handsomest man I know.

We got there a tad late, but it didn't matter. We were there for the main events, and it was quite the show!! Thanks Ty's Dad for the tickets. We were just sad that you couldn't be there. It's always a good time.

picture from MotoUSA

And cut. Wow, what a crazy Saturday. Good memories.


¡Vieve! said...

Holy crazy busy day! Good for Ivory for winning first place, that is amazing!

meganmushrat said...

I think Ivory has done better in gymnastics that either you or Miranda did - but perhaps she has more enthusiasm for it. Great job! I am also impressed that you have the kids help out with service projects. Tim has been dragged off to a few, but Dad and I don't participate. One of the 'perks' of being old. This day will probably get better and better in your memory.

Sharona said...

Way to go Ivory! How exciting that she can be good at something. That's how I felt about Basketball until HS really. Then it all fell apart but she has time :)