Thursday, April 25, 2013

Family Crack Off 2013

Whew. Let's waste no time today jumping into the 2013 Crack Off. We have such a great time as a family, but it is always better when my parents and nephew can come.

I did document eggs, but we don't have too many pictures of the actual cracking, because we took videos this year. But, if you've seen one Crack Off, you've seen them all. But these eggs, you haven't seen:

It was quite the competition. And then something unexpected happened. Two eggs cracked at once. I was up against my Mom, and her egg was smashed in on one side. I was the clear winner. But as I looked closely at my Deviled Egg, I could see some light cracking. Could it be?

I was already in the loser's bracket, so I didn't have another egg to choose. So Tim and I went egg to egg, and I assumed that since my egg was weaker (with an already slight crack) that it would easily fold under pressure. But this happened.

The Universe is not right. Two eggs?? I admit that this has planted a seed of doubt in me concerning the Crack Off. Will this happen again? How do you plan for this? Let's hope it is a rare fluke. Or maybe I have learned that you just don't mess with a deviled egg...

One egg did NOT crack however. Did you guess?

Yep, that silly Anger Bird was undefeated. It must have come from a strong batch. I'm not too surprised it beat all the other eggs. I felt the dozen or so I cooked were very weak. I had 7 crack while they were cooking and that is odd. Usually I might have one crack during boiling.

So, you see it was a strange Crack Off overall, but definitely a fun one. I loved everyone's eggs. Did you have a favorite? I love to see who you would have voted for, for best decorated egg.


Jenaca and Stephen said...

I loved Robin's dinosaur hatching egg. They are so clever... and your quadruple stuffed oreo was pretty funny! What a fun tradition!

meganmushrat said...

I noticed that you didn't mention that it was YOUR egg that won the decorating contest. Modesty? Great job on highlighting everybody's eggs. I hope we can join you every Easter.