Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Hunting We Will Go

Yes, Easter is far behind us now. But, I was kind enough to warn you that our Easter festivities weren't quite finished. So you can't be too annoyed, right? Plus, Easter is rapidly becoming one of my favorite holidays. Regardless of the fact that the festive side of Easter doesn't seem to have anything to do with the sanctity of the Resurrection. But then again, Halloween is hardly about....what is Halloween about?? Something about All Hallow's Eve? Okay, whatever. Thanks America for completely obliterating any true meaning in the holidays and replacing them with candy.

So, we did some egg hunts. One was back right before Easter. We love our city hunt. We never miss. This will be my last year in the small child area. Actually, I don't even know what it looks like on the other side, since I have always been in charge of the littles. (Odd to be headed out of that phase.) Pearl was ready to go. She knew the drill.

Everyone came back with a haul. Ivory did well.

Some children picked out certain items to hoard. Here is Robyn with a whole bunch of little animals.

And June found her own treasure to collect. (Weird, now that I think about it, I have no idea where all those pinwheels went. I haven't seen them since that morning.....I must remember to search June's room for secret stash locations.)

Daisy collected pixie sticks again.

Silly cute girl.

And I admit one of my favorite parts of the egg hunt is seeing old friends. You know you are going to run into them at least once a year.

We didn't eat too many donuts this year. I let the girls have candy instead. (Really, what is the difference?) And then they played a bit. It was a gorgeous year compared to many in the past. And in March to boot!

Yay Easter.

Okay, fast forward to this last weekend. My family is visiting and I had a specific request from Tim to postpone our egg hunt until his arrival. (Yes, he is 16, but since we hide money in the eggs, he is still enticed. In fact, if any of you have egg hunts with money involved, I would be happy to attend. No one really gets too old for money.)

We still let the kids exit and search in reverse age order. Pearl was the first to take off.

I was impressed with our patient waiters. Although in the future I will only space them 30 seconds apart. Pearl can sure pick up a lot of eggs in a minutes time.

Daisy was next.

Ivory was off like a shot when her turn came.

And she had made her own bag using school stuff. I thought it turned out cute.

Robyn was next out the door. It gets harder to catch pictures of them when they are so speedy.

I had clearer pictures of June, but I love this one because of the egg in the background.

And then....Tim. He is super patient since he goes out last. And we were short a few eggs out there since Pearl was quite the scavenger. Plus, only the hard eggs are left.

The real quest was for the camo eggs. Everyone got 4 and then the rest were up for grabs. Robyn was our big winner again finding the 5 dollar bill.

June had her own stash by the end and raked in the most, cash wise.

Pearl was content with the candy and spent the afternoon munching on her treasures.

I would say the day was a success. But stayed tuned for our Family Crack off. The eggs were incredible and we still need to see if Robyn's Anger Bird could come back to win it all....


¡Vieve! said...

So fun! I would love to do an outdoor Easter hunt. Maybe I'll steal a small child from my ward, and make her do it so I can "help". Yours looks so great!

Gaynelle Ryan said...

We do money in our egg hunt too. It keeps the older kids a bit interested in participating. Miss that city egg's just craziness at the dozens of egg hunts around here.

meganmushrat said...

Fun to relive the memories. I'm certainly glad you waited until we came for that Easter Egg Hunt - and I agree that 30 seconds is more reasonable than a minute. Those kids move FAST!