Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last But Not Least

Pearl always seems to be waiting for school to start. Fortunately, it was only an extra week this year compared to the 2+ months last year. She went to back to school night yesterday and was really excited to meet her teacher. I think her teacher will be a perfect fit for her personality. I'm really excited for this year.

Pearl has plenty of time to get ready in the morning, considering her sisters are out the door so early. We went out to take our picture and beat the rain by only a few minutes.

But no gray day is going to dampen her spirits. We walked to the bus stop and Pearl gave me a last 'hug' before she was off.

Still, I was that mom who drove to school to meet her getting off the bus and make sure she found where she was going. It was a good thing too, since they didn't line up where they planned because of the rain. (Way to be predictable on the first day.)

As I gave her a last kiss and hug, I got a little teary eyed. My last baby is starting kindergarten. A momentous chapter is closing in my life. I came home to a quiet house and the potential to be very lazy.

But don't you worry. Remember, I have my mom stations to keep me busy. It is an A Day. And I can check blogging off as a success.

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meganmushrat said...

I can still remember when you started Kindergarten. You took the bus back home too (or you walked - I don't really remember), but it seemed like I had barely gotten started on something after you left when you were walking back in the door. (I think that was when I was first learning to play things on the computer).