Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ten Years of Fete

Wow, ten years! Can you believe it? This holiday is older than Ivory. Sometimes I get overwhelmed planning a holiday right at the end of summer when school is so close and people are finishing vacations, but when it is all said and done, I am always happy we celebrated.

We have been through plenty of colors. I was debating about doing brown, but last year was grey, the year before black and white, and I didn't think it was right to have all the neutral colors together. So, in honor of our ten year anniversary, we did the color that started it all....PINK!!

Pearl was getting into the spirit right away thanks to June and her face paint.

Our activity this year was Water Kickball. It was so fun. We got three kiddie pools and used them as bases. Then there was a slip-n-slide between third base and home for the grand finale coming back to home plate. We invited some good friends. You have to be a good friend to dress up all your boys in pink. But I hear that 'real' men wear pink.

Thanks to Sharon for taking that picture. True to form, I was having a great time and didn't touch the camera the whole time. Sharon took some pictures at the beginning, but I didn't change the settings, so they were a little bright. (Not her fault at all.) I loved this cute picture of Austin.

Then Tyler grabbed the camera to get some action shots while we were playing. I love this picture of TJ ramping up to kick the ball. (Sorry, he is a Bishop and I should probably call him by that name.)

Now he is practically flying.

I think this picture is pretty descriptive. Parker is sliding into home, Charity is going to tag Christian out. (Pretty spry for a pregnant lady.) Anabelle is keeping third base under control. I think Doug is thoroughly soaked in the outfield. (He took advantage of the slip-n-slide.)

June was a great kicker.

But check out this amazing catch by her mother. (She never had a chance.)

Actually, I am the worst at catching the kickball. I caught it three times while we played and felt amazing. It was funny, because Bishop Moore was being very circumspect, and often dropping the ball to help the younger kids. Not so much with me. It wasn't that I was being competitive...I was just happy to catch the ball.

But don't worry, even if you were 'out,' you still got to run around all the bases and slide into home. Go June!!

Sadly TJ Bishop had to leave early for a meeting. But we got the majority in our group picture.

What a crazy group. (Haha, Sharon and June have almost the same face.)

Then Tyler left for a meeting as well and so ends all the pictures of Fete Day. We opened fabulous pink presents and ate yummy ice cream cake and Creamies (thanks Sharon). We even played some Kubb afterward. It was the perfect weather and the perfect company for Fete Day.

May the Fete be with you until next year.

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meganmushrat said...

The way you celebrate Fete day is far too athletic for me - I would just be watching from the sidelines. Looks like everybody had a great time.