Friday, July 29, 2016

SEVEN Deadly Sins

You may have noticed some chronological problems on the blog. The last week I blogged about was week FOUR. So what happened to FIVE and SIX? Well, week FIVE was the room changing week, and I haven't gotten all my pictures taken. (Not surprising that we still haven't gotten everything back in order. We are darn close though.) Week SIX was the CA EX week and all the posts are up for that. And that brings us to week SEVEN. I think we are currently at the end of week NINE, so I still have some catching up to do, but hopefully that helps you out with a mental timeline.

Let's jump right into two weeks ago. It was a regular week with all our regular activities, plus a birthday. Fun, fun!

Crafting - We got some markers called Crystal Effects Window Markers. Tricia had some for her kids and they looked cool, and I knew my kids would dig coloring on the windows. We got two boxes and divided up the window space. Luckily, we have some big picture windows in the front.

Daisy had the back door to decorate and she went straight to work letting everyone know her birthday was imminent.

I had the most fun taking pictures from the other side of the windows.

The markers were so cool. When you drew with them, you could hardly see the writing, but then it would frost over, much like Jack Frost taking over. It is hard to describe or catch a picture. Look at the flower below. The entire flower with petals is already drawn, but the petals are still frosting over which is why you can't see all of them yet. It was a very cool effect to watch in action.

Also very cool, was the sun shining through the designs in the morning. They sparkled so beautifully.

Library day was very eventful for me. A book that we had turned in to the public library was missing. I don't like this, because I begin to doubt myself and wonder if we ever turned it in in the first place. But I remembered the book being on the bottom of a stack that we dropped into the drop box. However, the library had done a shelf check and still the book was missing. They had graciously checked it out again on our account, but my due date was sneaking up, and I didn't want to pay for the book. So, I checked the shelves myself and guess what I found? The book! Right where it was supposed to be. I was so relieved, and a little miffed at the library. I used to think they were infallible and the fault was always mine, but I won't be so quick to doubt myself next time. Even the library makes mistakes. (And technically they owe me 10 cents for a late fine I payed on a book I had turned in.)

Swimming - We swam as usual in the afternoon, but the morning was busy driving to Idaho. I knew I wasn't going to have time to drive all the way up to Grandma's house, but she was anxious to get Moxy back to us. (Sorry Grandma, we know she sheds like a pregnant woman four months after giving birth. I don't blame you for wanting to give her back.) Grandma was nice enough to meet us halfway, so at a gas station in Malad, we made the exchange. Moxy seemed happy to be back with us, and I know one girl who was ecstatic to have her dog back after many weeks.

And we still had time to go swimming that afternoon.

Treat - We made Oreo Balls for our yummy endeavor. You can find a recipe for Oreo Balls all over the internet. Crush up some Oreos...we used the blender, add a block of cream cheese and some powdered sugar. Form them unto balls and freeze them until firm. A toothpick in the top will make them easier to dip.

Many recipes call for almond bark. I couldn't find any at the store. So, we grabbed some bitter dark chocolate to balance out the sweet inside. Then we dipped those babies.

Chocolate dipped in chocolate. (It seems we have done this more than once this summer.) You know it will be rich and heavenly.

We froze them again and then it was time to test our efforts.

Definitely rich, and tasty.

I'm sure they would look prettier with the white coating, but I thought they were very good. A perfect cool treat on a hot day and since they were rich, one was just right.

We finished up our schedule with raspberry picking and Daisy's birthday, but I already blogged about that day. Catch her Epic Summer Birthday back one post.

No one can say that we have a boring summer around here. I'm thinking we will play right up until school starts, which is sadly only a few weeks away.

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meganmushrat said...

Looking at those Oreo balls is really putting my resolve to go gluten-free and sugar-free after my trip - to the test! It is so difficult to forgo all the goodies there are to tempt us out there. Looks like you had a great week!