Sunday, October 16, 2016

Loose Ends That Don't Need Tying

I'm rapidly building up a stack of blog posts. I guess I will be busy this November. Already dreading looking forward to NABLOPOMO. This last week was so busy with happenin' happenings that I didn't have a minute to breathe and reach for the computer. I always enjoy swimming in the current, but finding a safe side pool is important every now and then.

Sometimes it is hard to choose what to blog about. Do you go for the oldest event? The most recent? The most exciting? The pictures that are the easiest to find? I had settled on giving everyone the scoop on Daisy's rapidly disappearing front teeth, but with only one out and the other hanging on by a string, it seemed easier to wait for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

So it felt right to do a random post with lots of those phone pictures that I took for a reason but don't have enough background for their own post. Let's get going. These pics aren't going to post themselves.

We live in the city, but we have nice areas of woods and pasture nearby. That leads to fun visitors like this one.

Another day I saw a family of four deer, but no pictures that day. But it is always nice to see our wild friends and know that I have no roses or vegetables for them to eat.

We have a white board where we write down inventory that needs to make it on the next shopping list. One day, we ran out of tissues. I told Pearl to go write it on the board. She told me to spell it for her and I returned with the idea to sound it out on her own and be creative. I certainly love her final spelling.

We had another fun session with the Red Cross. My usual stooge came with me and took pictures of my blood because that is what she loves.

There are some really good looking guys donating these days. Hawt.

Had a date with Daisy Cakes. She wanted to hang out on the roof and watch a movie. Not the most comfortable location, but the company made up for it.

Robyn earned a trip to Color Me Mine. That gave me an opportunity to do another dessert plate. (This makes seven out of eight.) We had a lot of fun. Check out our finished products. (Robyn really like My Little Ponies. Bonus points if you can name this one.)

I had some pictures from the first day of school. I was so happy to have them home. It is nice to have time by myself, but I sure love to see these faces come back through the door.

A friend of ours has a cute little dog who had puppies. It is extremely therapeutic to go snuggle puppies. Be forewarned though...all your children will want a puppy afterward and several will cry about it. (It may surprise you which ones cry.) But don't give in. It is not time for a puppy yet. But we sure loved spending time with these little guys. ( is a girl I think.)

June and I make a weekly trek south for a violin lesson. We passed this field that was full of strange birds. It took me a while to pull a name out of my brain. I tried ibex first, but that is a wild goat. Finally came up with ibis. Then we joked about what you would call multiple of these fowl. We settled on ibisi. But turns out, despite the obvious ibises, you can also say ibides or ibes. See how educational this blog is??

I have never been to Swiss Days, but I took myself out with a girlfriend this year. It was amazing. I spent a little money, but loved everything I came home with...most of it not for me. I will definitely be going again next year. And hopefully Emilie will come with me.

It is the season of lunch bags again. I was inspired by a friend and came up with this group one day.

Lastly, let's end with art. I love art. I find Robyn drawings throughout the house. They make me smile. Sometimes I find them outside. That makes me smile less because I have no way to save them. They are at the mercy of the weather. This one she just drew at random as far as I can tell, but I loved her depiction of the crucifixion. It is gone now, but a piece of it is saved in cyberspace.

Along with all these other happy memories. I hoped you enjoyed. Goodnight.

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meganmushrat said...

Lots of interesting things. I hadn't realized what a good artist Robyn is. I loved her crucifixion picture.