Monday, October 17, 2016

Sister Susie Sitting on a Thistle

Oddly, this post is much like one I did exactly 3 years ago, when Ivory lost her two front teeth. But it is Daisy's turn now. I mentioned that she was missing a tooth, but now that the other shoe dropped, it is time for this post.

Here is a before picture for you. Her front teeth have been wiggly for quite a while. I made a bet with her that she would lose one before her baptism. Total fail. That was back in August. There were a few more bets, which I also lost. I should not be surprised. Daisy's teeth have been stubborn since the very beginning. But this last bet I knew was a winner. I told her she would lose a tooth before Halloween. They were so loose, it was practically guaranteed.

Pearl took a turn tugging on them. I like how sanitary she is with her tissue. I just stick my fingers in there whenever I want. (Don't worry Grandpa, I wash my hands first.)

On Sunday, Daisy requested that we pull on her tooth before church. (She wanted to show off her gap-toothed grin.) I told her to go find Dad and get him to pull a bit. But we all forgot. Once at church, she leaned over the pew and said, "Mom, we forgot to pull my tooth."

"Well, hold still," I said. And I gave it a good yank. I could feel the roots snapping and I could tell the tooth was half out. It bled a little so she headed to the bathroom, but I followed her because I was going to finish what I started. Sure enough, one more good pull and out it came. She was so happy and she got to go to class with a fresh gap in her face. We took pictures when we came home.

It just so happened that she had a photo shoot for Activity Days that week, so I got all these lovely pictures of her with her one front tooth. She seemed a little stiff at the beginning, but she loosens up. (Much like her teeth.)

So cute huh? What a doll.

I tried tugging on her other tooth throughout the week, but she wanted the other to fall out on its own. I told her I was going to pull it out on Sunday again if it didn't come out. Saturday evening, right before bed, I gave it a nice tug (to her protest) and I could tell it wouldn't be long. Sure enough, she ran off to the bathroom, but came back shortly with a tooth in her hand. She was so excited that she had pulled it out herself this time. She put a note on the bag to the tooth fairy, 'I pulled it out!'

She now has plenty of room for that little tongue to stick out.

I told her she should be a vampire like Ivory was for Halloween, but I think she has her heart set on a fairy. Works for me. Maybe she should be a tooth fairy. She can say she collected her own teeth. :)

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meganmushrat said...

I have to admit that one the weirdest things about growing up is losing your teeth and growing new ones. I guess it makes sense, but it still seems queer to me. Daisy looks adorable with her teeth gone. I remember that my brother and I lost our two front teeth at the same time, even though he is two years younger than me.