Friday, January 13, 2017

Snowy Days

I thought for a while that I had already done this post because I edited the pictures. But they never made it on here. So I'm officially getting some snow pictures on here.

Utah is funny when it comes to winter. You can count on it being cold, but you can't always count on snow. Some years it has been terribly dry, with only a couple days of snow. Other years it dumps on us like the sky is having a righteous pillow fight.

Most years are something in between.

This year we got our first snow in November. You can tell whether it was a good amount of snow by whether you see snowmen in people's yards. This must have been a great amount because there was a snowman on someone's roof. (Points for creativity.)

My girls went out and played in the snow. You have to get out in the first snow if you can. I didn't go out or take any pictures, but later the girls told me to check out their snow wall. Ivory (who was gone at gymnastics during the playtime) and I went out to see what we could see. First we found this snowman. (More points for creativity.)

He was built on a tabletop, but he sure looks happy to be there. Heading down to the sport court, I was greeted by this gentleman.

This guy was already better than any snowman I have ever built.

We found the snow wall and Ivory demonstrated how one might crouch behind and throw a snowball. (I wouldn't recommend the flip flops though.)

Coming back I spied one more little guy. He probably was the harbinger of the snowman hide-and-seek game in Idaho.

That snow melted, but we have had many other great snow days. (I really should take my kids sledding.) One snowfall was unbelievably treacherous. Cars were sliding out all over the place. I know this because I went to pick up Ivory from gymnastics and it took me an hour and a half to get there. I avoided the freeway in fear, but it turns out those were the best roads. Our return trip was much better (via freeway) and I was very grateful to get us both home in one piece.

We had a white Christmas, and even as the snow melts, the weather brings us another blanket of white. These are from the other day. I love how snow builds up on the trees.

I'm trying to be better about shoveling the driveway. Usually Tyler does it for me, but sometimes it decides to snow while he is at work. (How dare it?) Depending on the day, I sometimes have help.

Although I don't love snow for the danger and cold, I love it for the crisp whiteness and the soft hush when it is falling. It can be lovely indeed. Here are a few pictures of Pearl last winter that I never got on here either. Back then she was in Kindergarten, so she had time to play in the snow by herself while sisters slaved away at school.

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meganmushrat said...

I like snow too, but I wish we could have warm snow. It's been cold here for so long that right now snow doesn't sound very attractive, but I have to admit that there is nothing quite as pretty as pristine snowfall.