Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What I Would Do If I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus [sic]

While enjoying the revelry of Christmas (a day late), I happened upon this poem, authored by none other than my daughter, Ivory. Because it was not only impressive, but also hilarious, I share it with you all.

What I would do if I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus
by Ivory Cazier, 2016

I would sit by the stairs.
I'd watch them all night,
and I would go, "BOO!"
to give them a fright.

I'd let them be happy
and jolly and merry,
and watch mommy touch Santa's nose
the one like a cherry.

I'd let them keep kissing
because who knew?
I want elves for brothers
and sisters too.

'Cause if they got married,
there'd be a whole lot.
And I'd be their sister,
if I'm her daughter, why not?

The song isn't right, No! No!
No one would just watch.
They'd be making wishes.

And wishes are powerful,
especially when Santa's your dad.
Man, I'd be so glad

to see my mommy kissing Santa Claus!
Who-Hoo!All right!
I'd let them kiss,
all through the night!

I'd let them be happy,
dad wouldn't know!
besides, I want a daddy
who has a beard, white as snow.

Mommy'd be happy,
I would be too!
But daddy still wouldn't
have a clue!

No! I love my daddy
all just the same!
He's good at games,
he's full of family and fame!
He's the best dad that
into the world, ever came!

I love you dad!