Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lucky Number Seven

Birthdays keep coming...I'm used to that. But I haven't quite come to terms with my youngest getting older each year. June and Pearl, the oldest and youngest. Those are the hardest ones to swallow, although I realize if June stopped growing, Robyn would just catch right up and there would be a new leader that I would want to quell.

I get it.

Kids grow.

I love it actually, in a funny bittersweet sort of way.

And of course I love birthdays.

My baby is now 7! Not much of a baby anymore. I remember June was seven when Pearl was born and I thought she was soooo old.

Seven is pretty ancient.

Pearl opted to have a family party. (My preferred choice.) She woke up in the morning and since it was a Saturday, there was no school standing in the way of immediate present opening. This is the best face of the pictures. Look how intent as she opens up the plastic on that Beanie Boo.

She got great gifts from everyone, but she was especially excited about some gym clothes since we signed her up for tumbling. (She already has her cartwheel down solid.)

Measuring is a must. Pearl is leading the pack in height. (Which is funny because she is still the shortest.) When all is said and done, Pearl will get to look down at all her sisters.

Balloons came later in the day. The striped seven was requested by her highness.

Later we put the colored balloons over the can lights. It made a really cool effect that is very hard to get on film. But trust me, it was like a colored disco party.

Pearl wanted to go swimming for her birthday. Swimming in March is not your typical activity, but with a rec center nearby, it is always possible. (Even for us winter birthday people.) Her swimsuit was new along with a great swim shirt from Grandma Dargan.

The pool was great. A little cold, especially for Pearl who probably has zero body fat, but we were digging it.

The day ended with Raspberry Cake. Yumminess at its best. That Panda sleep mask is a favorite. Sometimes she will wear it around for days. (Luckily she takes it off for school.)

Candles out my big girl!

We love you Pearl. Your sassiness is almost unbearable sometimes, but if it means having you, I will take it all. I want every little bit of you in our family!!

Oh and don't forget lunch. She had to go a different day, since missing school is an important part. These dates are some of dad's favorites.

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meganmushrat said...

Glad my shirt was a hit. Hard to believe how much she's growing up. And I know where the sassiness comes from (it's in the genes).