Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Science is About Having Fun

As you may recall, Ivory's science fair project moved on from the district level to the state level hosted at BYU. There are few things better than missing a day of school because you are awesome. I dropped Ivory off in the morning and dutifully waited the few hours before coming back.

There was no rock wall this time around, but they did set up a ropes course that the kids seemed to really enjoy. Ivory was small, but she moved around pretty well.

For awards they post a list an hour or so after the fair. I forgot to check them before I took Ivory to gymnastics, but I didn't expect Ivory to win an award at this level.

I should probably stop doubting her. I think Ivory must interview very well, because she got an award. They list all the numbers that get awards and Ivory's was right there in the mix. It doesn't say what the award have to go to the award's night to find out.

I picked up Ivory from gymnastics and told her the good news and took her out for a celebration dinner.

On awards night, she received a fourth place in Product Testing and Consumer Science. Good job, my lovely Ivory!! She even got money with her award.

Very impressive. That finishes up another round of Science Fair for us. But don't worry, we'll be back again next year, since A.L.L. does it both fifth and sixth grade. The good news is that I'm dreading it less each year.

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meganmushrat said...

I DID think that Ivory's project was very creative and interesting as well. I'm glad the judges thought so too. Great job!