Saturday, November 8, 2008

Punch Drunk

Do you know how you get really tired at night and become a little tipsy without any use of alcohol? Everything seems a bit funnier and you can laugh at things that aren't even amusing. Well, that was me and Tyler last night. We got all the kids in bed and then we curled up to watch a movie. We picked one at random that we hadn't seen (my parents gave us a lot of movies last spring) and the winner was Paper Chase. It was made in the 70s (which was obvious from the awesome hairstyles) and the storyline involves a guy trying to make it through his first year of law school.

It was weird.

I'm not even sure if I liked the ending, and the movie seemed full of angst. Tyler and I just looked at each other at the end and had the classic conversation you might have witnessed in the last post. Since we are both sleep-deprived parents that conversation seemed funny to us at the time and Tyler said I should blog it*. This time I humored him (actually, it was a pretty funny conversation at the time—I could see it in a sitcom). It was a little chilly in our house last night so we had curled up on the couch with a blanket and I was sitting on his feet. So there's your background for that last post in case you were wondering whether I had completely lost my senses.

No, it was just another romantic moment in the Cazier household.

*On a side note, things happen all the time that Tyler decides I should blog. I usually ignore him or mention that he knows how to blog as well as I.

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Emilie said...

Maleen your blog is so funny sometimes! You guys are the perfect pair! I know the feeling though, who needs alcohol when all you need is a little sleep deprevation :)

By the way, they really should have spell check even when you leave a comment!