Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eggs from the City, NOT a bunny

Have I mentioned that we don't do the Easter Bunny around here? You would think that I, the tradition guru, would have worked the weird bunny in somehow. But sorry folks...too creepy. My kids don't even know that the Easter Bunny is supposed to bring baskets and eggs. Mainly because we don't do baskets, and they know Mom hides the eggs.

But we can totally get on board a city egg hunt that involves free donuts and juice afterward.

Tyler and I split kids as usual. He took the older ones and I stayed with the younger two. I would like this evidence here to let it stand that Daisy was happy at least when we arrived at the park.

Then, when it came to the horn blowing and kids converging, she got a bit worried and asked me to pick her up. I said, "No" because I was shepherding Pearl out to a less congested spot, and Daisy took that as her sign to go into stubborn mode. She looked like this for almost the whole hunt.

I tried to coax her. I told her it was okay and she could pick up whatever she wanted. She wouldn't budge. A good parent might have put a few things in her bucket for her, but I have learned my lesson at these places. The rule is only kids touch the candy. Period. Parents who pick up stuff are booed and shunned. So, I let her sulk and I took pictures of Pearl.

Pearl actually looked quite apprehensive before the buzzer.

But she knew just what to do. (This might come from her secret stealing of candy throughout any normal day. She is an old hat at getting the good stuff.) She had a good time raking in the sweets.

After most of the stuff was picked up, I finally got to Daisy to take a slight interest. She walked around and half-heartedly put some stuff in her bucket. I showed her where a couple pieces were, but usually Pearl got there first. When I looked in her bucket later, I was surprised because she had only picked up the pink pixie sticks. There were green, yellow, and orange as well, but she only had eyes for the pink. Cute silly goose.

And it was very sweet, because as each of the older sisters noticed the lack of candy in Daisy's bucket, they each offered to share. It is moments like that that make a mother proud. And then we ate donuts which cheered Daisy up.

Actually, everyone seems to like a donut.

Except Pearl, who only wanted the candy in her bucket.

We went home to get out of the chill. Here are my egg hunters post hunt.

My favorite is Pearl here. Doesn't she have this look that says something like, 'Why did you drag me out there to collect all those goodies and then take them away and make me pose for a picture? What are you thinking?'

But don't worry, there was plenty of booty to be had. And from the looks of the way things were spread out and knowing how fast Pearl's fingers are, I would say, she has a good day and plenty of sugar.


Jenaca and Stephen said...

So cute! BTW i missed you last week. My week just wasn't complete without our walks and talks. haha I hope you had fun in Idaho though... I can't wait to hear about it!

Emma Jo said...

mmmm, donuts and candy picked up off the ground. I love holidays :)

Alissa said...

Your Daisy sounds just like my Lucas. He's a very ...uh... difficult child.

¡Vieve! said...

How fun! I really do wish they had these sorts of things for adults. I would totally have a blast at this.

Sharona said...

Just tryin to catch up and how gorgeous are your baby girls, or not so baby any more! Wow. Beautiful.