Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cracking Off Family Style

Woot! I love me a Crack-Off, and I am tickled that I get to do it twice a year now. (This is me giving myself a pat on the back for having enough children to put in a bracket. I knew they would be good for something someday.)

The decorating was fun and I like to see the girls develop their creativity. (I am terribly crushed that my parents couldn't come out. They always make the best eggs.) But here are all our eggs this time through. They are pictured in descending age order. (i.e. Dad, Mom, June, etc. in case that wasn't so clear)

I was the big winner this year. 

My bikini took down everyone. Multiple times. We eventually renamed it, 'The Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Indestructible Bikini.' Seriously, it NEVER cracked. June would bring cracked eggs and pit them against the bikini over and over, but the end result was always the same.

Everyone had a good time regardless. Daisy was still a little confused. She cheered whether she won or not and she was never quite sure if it was a good thing to have the egg cracked. I'm thinking next year she will get it all figured out.

Robyn for sure knew that she didn't want her eggs cracked. She was very protective and strongly disliked the bikini. She even accused me at one point of leaving my egg out longer than the rest to let it harden. (I'm not sure where that logic comes from, but for the record, they all sat on the counter for the same amount of time after we made them Monday night.)

June was such a good sport. Besides trying heartily to take the bikini out, to no avail, she seemed to enjoy herself. She asked me to take this picture and put the caption on it.

And how can I argue when she clearly has a sense of humor? (Get it? It's all cracked? Ha ha.)

Ivory was a little too eager out of the gates. Her first attempt at rolling resulted in her catapulting her egg onto the floor. Thus she became very protective of her last egg. We finally talked her into rolling it against the bikini and she took the crack well. But she wanted to keep it. FOREVER. I told her this picture would have to do. It wouldn't rot over time.

That leaves Pearl. She came. She rolled. She had no clue.

You can tell Tyler took this picture because I don't think I would ever use laundry as a back drop, even if it was blurry. Which reminds me...I should go do laundry.

Thanks for coming to our Crack Off. Neighborhood festivities yet to come. (Although I wasn't so great about posting them last year. I'll try to do better.)

p.s. Tyler was there. He had to run to Scouts this evening, so I missed getting a shot of him. But don't worry, he is as handsome as ever. 


Scott and Svetlana said...

Oh, I love your cracking eggs game. I hope to borrow your idea sometime (not this year though).

¡Vieve! said...

Ah, the Crack Off. I am always in awe of everyone's egg decorating skills. So much better than mine. How fun.