Monday, December 19, 2011

Crack-Off (On the ninth day)

This picture is great. It was from a past-gone Christmas party and Tyler and I were in good form.

We really don't have much shame. We will try most anything and we are not easily embarrassed. Although there has been a time or two that I wished I had not opened my mouth quite so wide to insert my foot. Like the time Tricia and I went to get pedicures....(cue music as we fade into the past)

Scene opens with Tricia and Maleen sitting in pedicure chairs and wallowing in the joy of husbands watching children while feet are pampered and beautified.

Maleen and Tricia have noticed the large amount of boxes piled throughout the shop. Each has the name of a customer. (You have to go multiple times before you can receive a coveted box with your own supplies.) Technician is quietly working on Maleen's feet while both women peruse the plethora of names. They are fascinated by the variety and they strike up a conversation involving many of the names. (I wish I could remember all the names, but sadly time has stripped the small details. However there are certain parts of the conversation that are painfully clear.)

Maleen: Look, Griselda. Who even has that name anymore?

Tricia: It sounds old-fashioned.

Maleen: It actually always reminds me of a witch's name. You know, Helga, Broomhilda, Griselda.

The two women go on to discuss other names and then the conversation falls quiet for a while. Maleen, always trying to get on a more personal level with the nail technician begins talking with her and realizes after a moment that she has never asked her name.

Maleen: Oh, what is your name?

Nail Technician: Griselda.

(long pause)

Yes, Maleen tried to back pedal a little but really there wasn't any ideal way to return to grace. Maybe Maleen could have mentioned that she, herself, was named after a witch, but she froze in the moment. And really would Griselda have felt better about her name being slandered just because Maleen has witchy origins? Probably not. (music fades back to present day.)

See, I have problems sometimes. And Tyler has had his fair share of embarrassing moments. Lucky for him, my memory is short and that is NOT the character trait for today. Today I chose a trait that is quite the opposite of yesterday. Tyler is strong. You might think strong-willed and you would be right. (He is that.) But I was actually going for physical strength. He has a slim build, but he is surprisingly powerful. He can open jars, and lift children. :) Okay, that may not sound so impressive, but I can't pick June up anymore, so I am thankful for his muscles. He can also move pianos and fridges and that goes beyond my muscle abilities. I'm not silly enough to think he could lift anything, but I think he can lift almost anything. And I trust him enough to lift me. (That is saying a lot since I don't think I have let anyone else lift me since I was dropped on my head in college by a guy carrying me.)

I just like the word 'strong' and I think it fits my man well.

Speaking of the past (which I am again) there have been a few things I have left out of the blog. I write often enough that if something is left out, I just move on. Life continues, I might have a chance to throw it in later. But in about two weeks, I will print another blog book and everything will be written in stone, so to speak. It is time for my death-blog repentance.

So, these are pictures from back in April. We had our family crack-off, documented here. But we had a neighborhood one as well that was really fun and somehow it never made the blog. I need to remember these things because we always invite back our champion. So, Jon, thanks for bringing your 'Egg-zit' and stealing the show. It was great fun.

Here is the whole gang. that off my conscience. Now, to bed.


Carrie Lu said...

That's a great photo of the neighborhood gang! I love the music fading in and out, I could hear it in my head, I think there may have been some fog in there too as we moved in and out of the memory. Your story reminds me of the time I was at Bajio's with some of the people from V2. They were discussing names (I don't remember why), the name Cecilia came up, which someone said sounds like the name of a striper. I should have piped up and said, "That's the name of my deceased grandmother." (It's also now Bailee's middle name). I know they didn't mean any harm. That name really does remind me of a name from older times, not of stipers. Different strokes for different folks! Sorry for the super long comment. :D

¡Vieve! said...

Oh my heck, I love that pedicure story. So sad that you trying to be nice turned so awkward so quickly!